Last days of ‘work’ camp with lots of excursions

So in Iceland the norm for mothers with their babies is to leave them in their pram outside shops, restaurants, churches etc. in England social services would be called!! It’s bloody freezing outside, but they are wrapped up in the cutest woolly and furry hats! Maybe it makes them stronger learning to be left alone with the sounds of the world around!!
It’s nice to see that a lot of Icelands shops are closed on Sundays, good!! We don’t need to shop every day, more of the world should shut up shop on Sundays! Family time, go outdoors and get fresh air!
I bought myself a souvenir, a mug (I tend to get one wherever I travel) to learn that weird volcano name, eyafjallakull. I can now say it, such a useful word!! I feel more educated for this skill!
The house is starting to annoy me at times. It’s like being a student again, mess everywhere, tidying it only lasts until someone gets up!! And as in most group living situations not everyone pulls their weight. I mean how hard is it after having a cup of coffee to wash your cup up? Some can’t even be bothered to put their cup in the sink?? There’s coats, bags, hair dryers lying around the lounge! I so couldn’t be a student again!
On the plus side you do get used to the bathroom not being at your disposal constantly, and the sofas which are pretty old and rough looking, you kind of accept and use. On my first day I looked at them and immediately sat on a chair instead!
So it’s one of our five free days in a row and I have an excursion tomorrow. Not good when you’re kept awake by sick pixie, who’s screaming and throwing up for a good hour or so, and her restless leg less husband also moaning in pain.
I try to sleep but can’t so put on a movie to block out the noises! I find out in the morning that mini oprah couldn’t sleep so she was trying to watch my movie from her bed and make her own words up, but it was jut at the wrong angle to fully see!
I get picked up for my trip bright and early and get told to wait in the reception area. That I do. Quick Facebook update to gloat that I’m having fun when teachers are back to work today! Ha ha! Then the gloating came back to bite my arse, as I’m sat in waiting area, after 40 mins no one came to get me. So I go and check and I’ve missed the bloody bus!! Not happy! I should of ‘checked in’ apparently. I can get the next bus in an hour and a half though! That’s a wasted lay in!
Anyway I go and use free wifi at hostel and bag a free cuppa! I do like my cup of tea. I chill out and head back an hour later. There is the most annoying Korean girl in waiting area! Talking so loud and fast, and the bad news is she’s on my coach! Aaahhhh. Then her and her friends, a group of 4, take up 4 double seats. How bloody rude, and sat right behind me so I have that annoying voice in my ear all the way. She’s harping on about ‘I’ll marry but maybe not for true love but maybe money as that’s a factor!’ What??
I try to read my book but her voice is one that you can’t ignore. She then starts saying how ‘you have to wait until men are attracted to you, then you can choose the best one, luckily I attract lots of men!’ How lovely for her!!! She gets to pick the richest one who is probably fairly easy on the eye too! It’s like a chat show on relationships!
I fell asleep for 20 mins and when I wake up she’s still at it!
Dropped off at blue lagoon and mini bus there to pick me up. Just me! Straight into quad bike gear, safety chat and off. Bloody freezing and windy! Good fun though. Some snow, lots of ice and volcanic soil. Beautiful sights. Try to take pictures but my fingers are so cold it’s a tad hard! We eventually stop and guide takes pic for me. Wish he’d stop more often and discuss sights etc there were ship wrecks and various rock formations, but also will be glad to get back and warm up! Think I could of saved myself £20 by not paying the single person fee upfront as can’t argue if I’m the only one? Off to caving, looking forward to seeing the volcanic rock formations. How disappointing. Lasted 20min, crawl a bit but go about 25 m into cave and back out. My helmet doesn’t fit and keeps sliding off, light not great so can’t see much and he doesn’t talk about how cave was formed or anything. We did go pitch black for a moment though just to experience it. Wish I’d chosen another company, I got talked around by cheaper price!
Get dropped off at blue lagoon, too expensive to go again but see the lagoon next to pool as it’s daylight and take some photos. Beautiful! The volunteer group are there so I go looking for them. Can’t find them? Thought I’d see leg less in cafe seeing as he can’t swim!
Head back to coach, all quiet whilst we wait, enjoying my book. Then that bloody Korean women and her group get on. Damn it!! Peace broken. Fortunately the hot swim has tired her out and she talks for just 5 mins. Yes!
Today is 6th jan and the day the Icelanders celebrate the naughty Yule lads leaving. It’s their Santa Claus. Should be fireworks displays again as the last day fireworks are allowed in Iceland. 5 of us go out to see them along the shoreline. Fireworks were a let down, thought there would be lots to see. A few all around but nothing special, but nice trip out with leg less. I volunteered to push again, good work out. When pixie took over she injured him by hitting his leg on the ice when there was a bump in the road. Poor lad. I took over again like mother hen!
A lot of the volunteers are students and chatty wifi has assignments due so she stayed in an slept on sofa. Don’t miss the assignment days. She must of kept waking in the night to work then sleep again.
I had a response from my email complaint regarding the ‘work’ amp! They are still saying that info sheet says discussions!! I try and explain again that we all brought work clothes and when you look online at volunteer in Iceland it talks about projects! How can you have a volunteering project and work camp that is neither working or volunteering! We shall see what their response is!
Another free day and it’s Golden circle tour time!
Lucky lots of us are awake as chatty wifi sets off smoke alarm cooking breakfast! Then leaves all her dirty pans etc in the sink for someone else to wash up. So rude!
I’m being mother hen again! Sorting out the youngsters with their lunches! They didn’t realise they may not have a chance to get lunch out in tour.
We leave on time for once yay and that’s with two of the bathroom hoggers!
On route to pick up more people we pass a school. Seems weird seeing kids at desks when it’s pitch black outside. Do I miss teaching? Yep, but still glad I quit for the year!
Just reindeer, quiet wifi and me from our camp. Meet volunteers from photo camp that also runs in Iceland. They do actually do some work though! They are mostly students, I’d of been oldest by far so pleased I didn’t do that camp! In the minibus the radio music is like radio 2! Old British songs, quite fun, oo a diddy diddy dumb diddy do!
First stop is volcanic crater. Seen it already on previous trip but still awesome. Walked whole way round this time. Stopped to do a snow angel beside crater as you do! Next stop was geysir, the hot water shooting in the air. Amazing to see, kind of scary first time as looks like it will fall on you! Quiet wifi screamed!
Then onto golden waterfall gulfoss. Absolutely stunning. Can’t go down to waters edge in winter but just awesome. The shapes the frozen water has created are amazing. Finally we go to the tectonic plate boundary. I get all geekily excited again! You can see where I scuba dived as buses parked across water and snorkelers can be seen. Cool to see. Not sure what I thought a tectonic boundary would look like but maybe more obvious than it is! Still the fact we are looking at some 10,000 and others 2,000 year old lava formations was pretty cool.
Just as well I organised my ‘children’ for lunches today as hardly had time to buy anything. When we did spend time in first shop we were late for meet! Ah well, no rush needed, we should enjoy the scenery!
Good day all round.
It’s our last night of ‘work’ camp so lots of leaders and volunteers about. We thought chatty wifi was cooking for everyone but she just cooked for one, ivana who is also leaving. Bit cheeky if you ask me. The leaders bought a whole lamb so she could cook this meal! We did get to try it though.
We’re all playing the card and music games again and no sign of wifi girls? They’ve gone to bed but ask to be woken up for dinner. The cheek after cooking for one. One of them is supposed to cook with me anyway! Luckily ivana has made garlic bread so I make some salad, we’ve lived off it so only seems right to finish on it! Chatty wifi doesn’t wake up though! Ah well more for us!
We made the mistake of heading to local hostel to listen to live music. It was a jazz band, no singer and everyone just sat on wifi! Not a sociable end to the camp. Pixie and me came back as bored, and played cards instead. Much more sociable. Shame the camp ended like this but I’ve met some lovely people who I hope to keep on contact with, and I have 2 more days!!







Beautiful Icelanders and eating shark meat!

Looking forward to some of he excursions over the next few days. Geo pool sounds very interesting so get ready sharpish, but we end up leaving half hour late for geo pool as wifi and dasher not ready as usual! It meant we missed the bus so I wanted to walk rather than wait for 30 minutes. Unfortunately it was further than expected? Very icy! It’s ok though as in Iceland you learn to do the penguin shuffle! Very useful and much safer than walking normally!
Pixie put leg less on a bus and we took his wheelchair with us for the 45 min walk. I took over as had the crampons on. Nice to get fresh air and see the city. We passed the hotel I was going to stay at, the expensive one. Good decision not to as good half hour walk from town if not further!!
We picked up leg less at bus stop but still another ten minutes walk. I push him, yes I get to volunteer for something!! Harder than it looks pushing a wheelchair. Geo beach fab. Outside hot spring with sea and mountain view. Lots of nutty Icelanders with gloves, hats and swim socks swimming in the sea. It’s only 2 degrees! And they head off for a good 10 min swim at least. We did however run across beach to the cold pool and swim briefly in the slightly warmer 4 degree water. It is bloody cold, can’t feel your feet when you run back. Then get pins and needles in hot water. Good fun though, despite what it sounds like. And I did it twice. Chatty wifi has come to geo pool which was nice as we don’t chat much to her.
After relaxing we split up and 4 of us go to ‘the pearl’ pearlon. Beautiful views, walk there very icy though. And my bloody crampon broke! Damn it! Ok more penguin shuffle. We have lunch there, enjoy the sunset, chat then head off. It’s so icy I decide to slide on my bum down, much more fun. Now we all join in and look daft so you’d have to laugh at us. But we pass a man who just ignores our hellos and smiles? Very unIcelandic!
We get back to town and I go off to book my last excursions. Glacier walks, caving and quad biking! Yes.
Back at home not much happening, people asleep on sofa. Power naps before night out. We eventually go out at 10.30, half hour late again. Yes due to wifi chatty and reindeer. I ask reindeer if she is ready, yes yes! Erm no no it seems. Poor Spanish dude who’s organised the night is stressing we won’t get a seat at the gig! When we get there no worries, not busy. Gig is a dj set not an actual gig. We get free shots, and why not hey. I buy an expensive cider. £5.50 in a bar for a small bottle. There is no getting drunk in Iceland unless you don’t want to eat for a month after.
Wifi and dasher on wifi all night, I genuinely don’t understand the need to sit on wifi so much, especially when out socialising. They don’t speak to us hardly at all?
Some of us headed to a cheaper bar for a few, Ivana fell out door, so funny! I try and make a shandy with cheap beer, but they don’t sell lemonade at the bar? What on earth! What kind of bar is this?
Table football in the corner so we have a go, I start good but then others get better. And my confidence is broken. Good fun though.
I tried drinking the beer but it is not good! Waste of £2.60!
Ivana and dancer say hi to a polish friend and he joins us for table football then they leave me with him! And go home to bed! The cheek!
I give up with beer and head back to first bar, have another cider. Wifi pair still going strong on internet! Pixie and I get bored of sitting around so head onwards to find dancing. End up back at New Year’s Eve bar, very young and trendy in there but stay and dance. Feel frumpy and old! Now on a night that in dressed up I don’t feel attractive but here in my veg out clothes I’m even less sexy. How on earth can I pull my future Icelandic husband hey?? There’s an English man dancing around all the women, he’s wearing his wedding ring!, behaving like a peacock, puffing chest out, weird dance moves, looks like a prize idiot. So pleased he’s English, looks so good for us Brits!
Club drinks same price as pub? Now £5.50 in a club is expected?
All the beautiful people come out at 1am, feel even more ugly to add to frumpy and old! Locals all dressed up, tourists in sensible shoes and warm clothes! You can spot the difference a mile off.
Gets very busy at 2am and no manners when barging past. Pixie gets poked in the eye with a straw. Now there’s no need to ignore the short people just because you can’t see them! I get that maybe straw was at head height though? But no apology from girl. Getting a bit annoying so call it a night!
First 2 home, it’s 2.30 and reykjavik is just awakening!!
After some very late nights and some (weasley the party girl) not sleeping the 11am meet for sightseeing doesn’t happen. We eventually organise ourselves to go swimming in another pool, then onto flea market and recycling centre. Pool has a diving board, oh yes, up I go jumping and diving like a kid! I like to show off until
Someone better comes along! Outdoor hot springs to relax in, lovely. Try the sauna too but only manage 5 mins. Pixie and duck face came to pool me and ivana and dancer join later.
Pixie, duck face and I head on to pick up quiet wifi and reindeer from wifi place! And go to flea market. It’s really just a car boot sale undercover. Buy nothing except shark meat! We all try it. Pretty rank to be honest! But have tried it. Recycling centre is a drive through, sad to see Christmas trees in in corner dying. I feel like phoebe from friend wanting them to have more life! Lol!
I make group stop at famous hot dog stall, Bill Clinton has eaten there. Nice hot dog, although £6 for food and drink!
My turn to cook. So sick of salad, so cook pasta. It’s like I’m a master chef as everyone so thankful for food other than salad.
We have an evaluation of the ‘work’ camp as leaders have seen my blog. Good to let them know our views. I think they don’t understand our train of thought. We all were led to believe we’d be volunteering and working! They say there is no work in winter? At least we shared our views. I like our leader ivana, she’s very funny! And dancer too, love the way they speak English. Have realised Russians are moody and harsh looking like I thought. Very friendly, funny and attractive!
We decide to try for northern lights again and walk to lighthouse. It’s an hour speed walking! I got a nice facial on the way from the sea water spraying in my face. We get there and no lights! So hitchhike back. Bit scary but apparently fine in Iceland. We are waving at any car moving, most ignore us so we walk in the road and stop a car. The driver is a nice Moroccan man. He takes all 5 of us. Feels like I’m in Peru again! Crazy taxi! Nice chatty man and drops us in town, bless. Tired feet from that walk! So early night.





Sub zero scuba diving and meeting the volunteers!

The alarm clock of the church bells woke me before my alarm but good to be properly awake! Supposed to have a hearty breakfast before scuba diving, I only have toast in my pantry! Ah well, good diet. Wait outside and get picked up on time, that’s a bonus! I’ve heard Icelanders change plans depending on weather. Nice couple in charge from Denmark. Young and married but happy in their travels. Get some handy tips on where to go to see northern lights cheaply! Tell me there’s some killer whales in a bay a bit of a drive away. The roads on way to lake are open to the elements and it’s beautiful watching the wind blow snow in patterns across them as we drive through the fields. Sunrise over the mountains too. Gorgeous. They explain we are diving in a lake between the two tectonic plates. I’m so excited. Always wanted to see it. The only place in the world where the plates are above the surface. We meet other divers at visitor centre, kiwis and French. 2 more divers and 3 snorkelers. Head on to lake and have briefing by stairs to entrance. We have the man as dive master. Nice eyes! Now for the dry suits, cosy surprisingly. Thermals plus a thermal puffa onsie, extra socks then the dry suit. Gloves are like pincers. They will get wet! Otherwise Toasty. We all look a real treat. One of the snorkelers heading to get a picture falls arse over, god help me if I do that with scuba gear on. No need to do buddy checks etc as instructors get everything ready for us, too cold to faff around. Now for the 5 min ice walk to the entrance. It’s pretty much march onwards ignore all others, look after yourself. French woman is diving and she’s on a mission to get diving. When we get to steps she’s like ‘what are we waiting for?’ Erm doh ‘the instructors’ you idiot!!
Who goes in first? Oh yes French idiot. Kept trying to do her own thing? Moaning her lips are cold, well it’s -4 out if water and 2 in what did she expect!!! I don’t find it too cold but need more weights to sink. Am I too fat or too light?? The dry suit is a pain for buoyancy up and down and up again. Can’t look around half the time as I’m too busy inflating or deflating! Mmmmhhhh!!
Rock formations fascinating, big crack going 28m down, lava looking formations. Love it. After 30 min start to get cold. Single finger is frozen straight! Near the end anyway so try and enjoy the scenery. As we get out I hold on to the railings. After a few seconds I’m stuck. Oops. Blood on my face from mask and compression, attractive. Get out and am shivering and walk is twice as long back. Just get on with it! Trudge back but hand is now very painful. Sit in van, get pack off and then the tears of pain start! The two instructors try and help me but ultimately I’m a blithering wreck and need to sort myself out. Hot chocolate helps and after half hour can feel my hands again. It was amazing but not sure ill do it again.
On way back fully wrapped up still and instructors are in t shirts?
Hot bath at guest house, except its so hot I can’t get in and burn my skin! No cold water from tap available? So I use sink to transfer 30 glasses of cold which across the bloody bathroom but naked! But it helps! Not relaxing though, what a palaver! Go to pay for room and lucky I ask her to check as paid about £30 to much. Lovely lady and would recommend the apartment.
Head on to hostel, get lost, case is heavy, ice everywhere, have to ask a local dog walker for directions. Very friendly though. I get there as last group are leaving. Tiny for 12 people! Get a bed and start chatting to the other volunteers. So I’ll introduce you to them. From South Korea quiet wifi and chatty wifi. From Poland pixie, from Switzerland legless, from Russia reindeer (her name is that of one if santas reindeer), from South Africa tiny oprah. Then our four leaders. From Belarus weasley, Ukraine dancer, Portugal ivana humpalot and Spanish duck face (notting hill fans will know what this means). At first not all were at the hostel but myself, duck face, reindeer and chatty wifi. After 10 mins chatty wifi was having internet withdrawal symptoms so we all headed to local hostel that has wifi. I was done after 10 mins just surfing for the sake of it. Chatty wifi just breathes internet. Her phone is a small tablet. Doesn’t fit in your pocket. Apparently the norm in South Korea! We drag her away and meet the others. First evening I offer to cook, why I have no idea as I’m no expert!! Better than cleaning toilet! No food in though just fruit and veg! Salad with new potatoes it is then!
We play cards, I brought vintage British games so I teach them snap and old maid. Good fun, lots of laughing. Recycling day tomorrow! Although not sure how much volunteering we are doing, seems more like information to digest!
I’m in a room with tiny who’s out partying, foghorn and legless who are a couple and in bed asleep early. We’ll see how comfy the bed is!




Exploring the capital and relaxing in the lagoon

The darkness until midday is useful when you want a lay in, didn’t stir until 9am when the charming cathedral bells chimed, then as I was trying to doze every 15min off they go again! But managed some form of sleep until 11.30 when I thought I ought to get up!! Feel zonked though. No food in but make a cup of camomile tea that I brought with me and then head off to see the city. There’s a place with the Beatles famous pose walking across the road, cool! I see an excursions place so pop in and see what I could do today. Silly to waste time whilst free. So many options! Could head off to golden circle in half hour but decide not to rush and plan more. Take lots of info and head onwards. Head to seafront. Beautiful scenery, no idea how their traffic lights work, so with traffic stopped, head across but damn them they start up and nearly get run over as I jog across the ice!
Ask a nice American to take a pic for me, then carry on walking. Random Viking boat sculpture but looks cool, especially with snowy mountains in background. However not with man taking a million pictures in the bloomin way! He eventually moves so I can get a pic. Head on again and find the amazing theatre. Realise I’ve not had breakfast so head in for a drink and nibble, thinking it’d be extortionate as that’s what I’ve been told. Think I work it out at £3.50 for tea and roll. Nice!
Check out all info and decide on northern lights tonight if they go, (they decide at 5ish each day) scuba diving tomorrow if back before 4 as have volunteer meeting at 6. Finally golden circle/volcanoes tour later in stay as well as blue lagoon. Also decide to find the volcano house and watch their movie as I love plate tectonics. Geek girl here!! Use the facilities before heading on, I just can’t get enough appreciation for nice toilets after Peru. Delightful!! (Sad you may think but after those holes in the ground I am eternally grateful).
I continue to ice walk along the seafront, now in the UK we’d be suing councils for the state if the paths. Here you just bloody walk, and generally don’t fear falling. It’s like its safer ice over here!
I find the volcano house and book my ticket, have a bit of a wait but have a hot chocolate in the meantime. Christmas tunes playing, yay! I hate the fact back home after Boxing Day, well in fact from Boxing Day the shops etc stop all Christmas music, some even take decorations down. Miserable! Here it’s celebrated until 6th jan. Fab! I read up on traditions and the icelandics have 13 trolls that visit with gifts and scare children too! Also Christmas is celebrated from 12th dec until 6th jan and they used to not have any songs or decorations up before December but recently as with the world October is the new December. And as with a lot of Europe dec 24th is the big day. Nice to understand others traditions. Head into movie and technical difficulties meant a 15 min delay, but fascinating when working. Mother Nature at its best and worst!
We get offered free food as compensation, oh yes please!
Head back to book excursions via town. Pretty! No Northern lights tonight too cloudy so blue lagoon instead! Scuba diving booked for tomorrow. Going to freeze! But can’t wait. Need to find a convenience store for milk and bread but find a weird shop/cafe? Sells milk though so can have a cuppa. They speak I me in Icelandic, must look local! Decided my apartment for one is quite nice, peaceful, can do my own thing and own bathroom so lots of positives!
Whilst chilling I work out how much I’ve paid for excursions, my original calculations were wrong! Tea and roll actually £5, trips much more than I’d worked out, oops. Ah well I can eat beans on toast for a month or three!
Head off to get minibus. Can’t get it from my lodgings as noones heard of it!! So off round the corner. Get picked up easily enough but then dropped off at bus depot for a 20 min wait. If I’d known I’ve of brought my book. Big bus then takes us to blue lagoon via some hotels. One called northern lights, wonder if they see them often from hotel? Now I get all excited when I see these steam flumes and pretty coloured lights thinking it’s the lagoon, no it’s the thermal plant! Lol. Pretty though. Blue lagoon awesome, you can see steam from far away. Bit of a maze to get to it from bus drop though. Walk, through doors, through queue barriers, get tag, through doors, find an open changing room, find free locker, find exit to lagoon! I started walking back out, oops. It’s so hot when you get in, lush! Float about, have the mud facial, get a green smoothie, go around the whole lagoon some places are empty for a reason I realise. It’s to bloody hot! Burning me! Lovely though, although a storm begins and it’s less peaceful when water splashing over you like the tidal waves. Lots of couples around, bit depressing. Where’s my knight!
After 2 facials and over an hour and a half, prunified me gets out. There’s naked women with their bits out everywhere! Feel like a prude so join them! I head out to wait for coach and have a drink and sandwich. Have decided Iceland is good for post Christmas. If you eat here you can’t afford to eat in England for a month or so, or you starve here and save money!
Head for bus and it’s snowing. Yay! Proper snow too, covers floor in minutes. Although is that good weather for scuba diving tomorrow??
I couldn’t remember my hotel name so get dropped of in the snow at the church. Lucky this snow and ice is special non slip!!
Google what to wear for dry suit scuba diving. Swim wear? Apparently not, thermals! Ah well bag packed ready for 9am start!


Second adventure this time to Iceland

Day 1
Volunteering project this time is environmental one, starts in 2 days so have some free time first. Gatwick is a pain to get to as traffic bad and no easy train route from Essex. So book the gatwick flyer from parents, £63 return not bad! Mini bus turned up early, that’s unexpected but better than being late! Am I first I say? You’re the only passenger! Oh, can’t make much money hey! Easy journey with no traffic so at terminal nice and early. Starting to feel like that tom hanks character in the terminal I’m at one so often! I’m flying with WOW airline! Ever heard of them? No me neither but cheap so I’ll let you know! I get a lovely huge purple name tag for my luggage with WOW on it just so everyone can see who I’m with! Window seat though so may see northern lights? And my baggage was 2kg too heavy, (that’ll be the Christmas pudding and tin of biscuits I’ve packed for international night!) and no excess charge, better than BA!
No wifi at gatwick, shocking!! Realise my headphones are broken, damn you! £10 later from dixons!! I have 4 hours to kill, pret a manger, whsmiths, reading, then eventually head off to gate. Now I’ve dressed sensibly as assuming its icy there. Hoodie, ski coat and boots! No trainers just walking boots, timberlands, slippers and flip flops for pool! As I see other passengers most are less sensibly attired! Am I wrong or will they be cold? I have spotted a trekking looking couple though so at least I’m not as geeky as that, phew!
The plane is purple! It really is an Icelandic easy jet! No leg room, no free refreshments but as it’s only for 3 hours. Good flight, clear skies for half of it. Panic half way when they start talking about how to get from airport to Reyjakvik, omg thought I was landing in town, is there two airports? did I book coach transfer wrong? Can’t check e mails! Aaahhhh. Calm down and realise if I have I’ll just go to the info desk and change!
As we leave plane the staff are on ceremony, now the little purple sailor hats look ok pinned onto the women’s heads but when the captain pops out and wears one he just looks like he’s at a gay bar!
Everything’s closed at airport as it’s nearly midnight, although duty free open so decide to buy a bottle of alcohol for New Year’s Eve. Issue is I don’t like anything! Wine to expensive, no cider there! And no pimms. Settle on Bacardi, safe option. People seem to be in sensible footwear now, not sure how that’s changed? One group of girls were laughing at one of their friends as they decided she had the most inappropriate footwear in the customs line! Boots with a kitten heel.
Head out to coaches and I did it all correctly, thankfully! And there’s snow, well ice but looks pretty after muddy England!
Journey is 45 min, the Icelandic decorate their houses with very understated and pretty Christmas lights, on balconies and windows. Much prettier than chavy England! We drop some people at the hilton and grand hotel? Miles from town and just like staying in an English hotel? Each to their own though!
Those of us not staying in the posh hotels get dropped in downtown and split into minibuses. I notice a Chinese girl with a bloody face mask. Isn’t Iceland one of the least likely to be polluted countries?? So weird! And now I’m pleased with my footwear. Ice everywhere! That kitten girl will go arse over!
My illusion of wonderful Iceland is smashed already. Graffiti on walls in town. Not what I imagined?
The drivers don’t care about the ice here, just get on with it. That’s what we should do!
I am dropped at the end of the road for my guesthouse, have to trek down the icy road to get there but manage without an embarrassing fall. The host is up and welcomes me in. Then he hits me with the fact he’s overbooked and I have to go somewhere else that he has booked. It’s bloody 1am!! Not happy, and he doesn’t help me with my case back out the house back up the icy road and a 5 min walk to his friends hostel! Just smokes his filthy fag and chats a bit. Gggrrrrr!
He redeems himself when I get there as it’s 3 flights of stairs, and carries my case. Nice place but in the only one so not going to meet people which was my idea when booking! At least it’s a bed and a nice view of the cathedral. And no need to pull blind down as no sun until midday. I’m here, in Iceland. Bucket list tick!!! Yay 🙂