Last days at the orphanages

Returning from lake titicaca at 5am off the night bus should mean straight to sleep but I was planning on going to see the inca ruins sexy woman (it sounds like that but has a ketchwan name), but half hour too late for sunrise so it was back to bed for a few hours. I wanted to be up for girls so set alarm for 9.30. Missed spending time with them, it’s going to be hard to leave. We did some work books and Christmas decorations, they are just happy being occupied and with company. One of the girls Esther is very attached to me now. So lovely, makes me feel needed and special. Posh Essex girl headed off to boys to practice nativity play with them, so I stayed on my own. Rare that you are on your own but don’t want to miss anytime with girls now and they’d have no one if I headed to boys. Whilst other volunteers have to move like sheep or sit and socialise with each other, that is not what I came out here to do!! We went to the park for an hour, rain had stopped but still muddy. Girls love it there. They swing upside down on monkey bars, swing for absolutely ages on swings, play on seesaws and madly go head first and backwards down the slide! I had to catch them from falling in the mud. Before they were allowed into house again they had to clean their trainers from any mud. They sat there for 30 minutes using sticks to get mud out. Can you imagine English kids doing that!! Even I couldn’t be arsed after 15 mins, thought I’d just take mine off before walking in. But they sat here happily making sure every last trace of mud was off and proud to show their clean shoes off!
Headed into town to get Christmas pressies at lunch. Got some amazing presents but spent loads too. My suitcase may be heavy again after donating loads of clothes that emptied spaces! Spent the afternoon with girls again, arts and crafts and more games. The youngest girl is such a cheat its hilarious. Playing Chinese checkers and she just moves about 20 places in one go, I turned around to answer someone’s question and upon return she’d won!! Bless. Only noticed today (didn’t realise how unobsevant I am) that this youngest girl has half her middle finger missing. Scary to think what could of caused it!
In the evening I had invited all the volunteers over for dinner, my turn to cook en mass! I only ever cook for me, well and maybe my dog!!, so a bit nervous. Posh Essex girl was my sou chef and did a grand job! Fajitas went down well so gold star for me. Yay! Although the youngsters showing their live at parents habits didn’t offer to wash up at all, at least grandad and Swiss girl noticed me washing up after cooking and stepped in. Rude habits but then they are young hey! We all then headed into town for our last night out. Well almost all. Grandad asked Swiss girl if she wanted to come out, her response was ‘I have 3 blankets at home, so no thanks’, such a random answer he had no comeback!! Went to our usual tourist bar to start, then inca team where lazy posh girl went behind bar again! In her element and fun to watch, and this time joined by frizzy and flirty. No free drinks unfortunately but all three had a bartenders gyrating with them permanently! So entertaining none the less! And one of the bartenders girlfriends came over and made a scene. Hilarious!! Having a go at him in front of everyone. Take that Mr! As usual it seems there is a token drunk Peruvian throwing up whilst asleep at bar! Also token fat drunk Peruvian dancing with anyone who makes eye contact! I had three free drinks tickets but donated one to an Oz man, who seemed friendly. However then him and his mates were doing a fab impression of Peruvian sharks on the dance floor!! One tried it on with me, then posh Essex girl then flirty! Hilarious!
Grandad hammered by this point and swaying on the spot whilst talking. Flirting with frizzy. Essex Akon is a sensible drinker and had to avert lots of attention from flirty. I mean real flirtatiousness, his hands in his pockets and her hands grabbing his arms trying to hold hands, love it. I then went for a drink and bartender pointed at tips box, kiss he says, why not so I snogged a Peruvian! Most action I’ve had in months!! And bagged a free drink!
Had a fab night dancing and then decided to move on to another club. Got there and man on top of bar dancing suddenly strips, tucks his willy between his legs and gyrates to the whole club! As Essex akon called it, he had a mangina!
I befriend another gay man. Love them, so friendly. Flirty still trying it on with Essex akon but then pulls a tourist. Drunk grandad chatting to posh Essex girl about life, one of those nights!!
Head home at 4am, don’t want to see girls getting up for school in morning again but posh Essex girl and I chat until 5 about the trials and tribulations of life too!!
Up at 10 to spend last day with girls. Feel a tad hungover which makes me emotional. Cry at least 4 times before the evening! Love these girls! Have brought some gifts from England for girls but not enough for one each so buy more locally. Hats and scarves. Head back and hand out. They love them, hug me lots. Tell me to return at 8pm to say goodbye! Off to boys to say bye. Grandad and posh Essex girl are cooking for boys. Not enough for volunteers as huge portions dished out, oops!! I hand bibs out to boys that I brought over. They fight over them but love them. Wear them for dinner…wrong kind of bib boys! Lol
I have to beg boys I teach to wear bloody bibs in England.
Do a leaving speech, cry! Say bye to all boys getti and giving hugs and kisses, my little angel is the best hugger, and head to girls. They put a show on for me! I cried straight away. Christmas cards, leaving cards, bracelets, 2 speeches, songs, dancing, me looking stupid all in aid of me and my volunteering. Love them. Made me feel special and that I’ve made an impact in 5 weeks! Hand over my bags of clothes etc and say my goodbyes! Although hope to get up in morning to see them off to school.
Head out for last drink with volunteers. Posh Essex girl moody as no food all day. Nutter! So stays home. Quiet night for the rest of us just chatting. Nice bunch but not bonded with those as much as posh Essex girl, polish nutter and marine wife!
Our plan was to get up for sunrise and go to see sexy woman-inca ruins. Frizzy kept calling it sexy sunrise. Not sure what the taxi man would offer for that request!
At 4.40am I get up but looks cloudy, no point if it is, so snooze for 10 more minutes. No still cloudy so won’t see sunrise so back to sleep. Up at 7.30 to say bye to older girls before school. Cry again! Have brekkie then back for last half hour with girls. Tell Esther I’ve asked to be godmother, she hugs me so hard! Bless. I bought her a Christmas pressie yesterday. Never bought girly stuff before so that was a first! It’s a princess horse and carriage that plays music and blows bubbles!
Say goodbye cry again! Staff member cries, hugs me, won’t let me go? She’s the thieving suspect so all a bit weird! Made me a tad uncomfortable to be honest, OTT?? She then asks for my keys which I apprehensively give, then panic that she’ll go to posh Essex girls room whilst out and rob her again!! Pretend I’ve locked my room and need them back! Phew!
Bless posh Essex girl, she comes to airport with me to check all is ok. Been a good friend these 5 weeks and hope to keep on touch.
My adventure is over!! Well for now, and only one suitcase to carry home! Yay!









The fun thing about this volunteering is that you have a Social circle every night if you want. Unlike Australia when I stayed in hostels and not everyone speaks to each other, here you are thrown together and therefore can go out or stay in whatever is going on. And unlike my life where my social circles are dog walkers and sports friends who have young families.
So returning from the inca trail I decided I’d like a change of scenery, so we headed into town. Aussie sister hadn’t seen much of cusco so I text her and invited her too. Most volunteers are back at orphanages so all came out. Met new girls, frizzy and flirty both from London.
As there’s no internet due to a local fault at girls orphanage posh Essex girl and I headed to a coffee outlet to get free wifi and check messages etc. I had a pisco sour now I like them! Then we headed to a tourist pub to meet the other volunteers only expecting to stay for one. Some random English nutters started talking to me. One was a Phil Mitchell look a like and the other a cross between some mothers do have em and Rodney trotter! Very funny blokes so had a laugh, both from London. Frizzy then popped into conversation and was from same area as one of the funnies, small world. Aussies sister and posh Essex girl had a good chat, started talking baking careers so felt I’d leave them to it! Really nice atmosphere so stayed longer. Posh Essex girl was on large beers and was repeating the same stories over and over. Alcohol affecting her! Aussie sister knackered by 11.30 so headed home. Great to see her again though. I hope we keep in contact as have thoroughly enjoyed meeting her and her sister. Amazing people you meet here! And bless her she text on way home to say she thinks I’m an inspiration. How lovely! Hope to visit her new bistro next time I’m in Oz!
Essex akon had the flirtatious attention from flirty. Very obvious and amusing to watch. Playing darts but so bad that it took half hour for one to get the double to finish on. Had started to fall asleep watching! Found out lazy posh girl and model boy had a bit of a romance over the last few weeks. Bless the youngsters! Grandad knackered from
His week of travelling so headed home early. The rest of us went on to shark territory of the inca team. Frizzy asked me what it was like, I thought she meant the trek so off I went chatting before she went no I mean the club. Oops. Lol
Headed through the maze of touts offering free drink from every bar. Free drinks offered for our bar so in we go, rum and coke delightful! Good music though. English nutters followed us so more in group. Posh Essex girl and lazy posh girl having great chat and then head off to dance. Frizzy, ginger and Essex akon also head to dance so left alone again bit just head off to dance! Loving the sharks around the edge again! None approach is this time mind. Think the presence of men in our group puts them off. Posh Essex girl looking drunker by the minute. Kind of swaying to music with eyes shutting. You can tell when she’s had a few drinks as she’s more confident on the dance floor. Time for another drink, feeling too sober! There’s some girls helping behind the bar. Lazy posh girl wants to have a go so we start chatting to bar men. They ask for a tip either money or affection. I head in for a kiss and he shuns me saying no her, pointing at lazy posh girl. How rude, lol! So then it begins she gets to head behind the bar and serve us all. Free mohito thank you! She does very well and looks like she’s enjoying the male bartenders attention. Oh to be young. Free shots from the bottle for herself, not bad. Leave her to it for a bit and go to dance. Suddenly posh Essex girl heads off to bathroom. Upon return looks awful, think she’s been sick? Buy her a water but she’s swaying! She says it’s ok I’ll stay and finish water, but she just looks crap so I say let’s finish outside! Looks like I’m mum so head off to get taxi. Half way home she says I need window open but they are all locked shut. Driver starts to unlock but to late sick on her scarf. It’s a fab sick bag though! Taxi stops and I think he’s going to chuck us out so I get out, posh Essex girl lies on seat and manages to project sick out the taxi. Very impressive and hilarious to see. Taxi allows us to carry on for a whole 20p extra. Get back to orphanage and send her to clean teeth and drink water. She’s so funny!! Nice being soberish and laughing at situation. I’m not bothered by it at all, we all have nights like that!
2.30am not too late and had fun!
Next morning tired but ok. Posh Essex girl fine but embarrassed. Have to be up by 9.30 as boss man coming to take me to police station to report my thefts. Look really touristy as put on my Xmas jumper today as it’s the festive season! After 2 police stations we have the rudest man looking at me like a piece of dirt. 3 officers take my statement and boss man is not allowed in. He has a word with rude one as he knows his boss! Rude one not so rude all of a sudden. Takes 2 hours! And I have to leave my finger print on my statement. Who’s the criminal!! Have to go see a fiscal man Tuesday for follow up? No idea what that means? Very confusing! Glad boss man came. He’s so funny. He took a picture of rude man to show the boss police friend!! Ha ha.
When we catch up with other volunteers after long police morning lazy posh girl says the bar thing sounded fun but actually she was just harassed for 4 hours! They’re all wel jel they didn’t bring their Xmas jumpers! Im such a fashion guru…not!
I’m off to titikaka so won’t be out 2 nights on the bounce. The youngsters are planning it though! Posh Essex girl and I walk back to girls from boys, I have to remember way from when I did it with polish nutter. Pressure! Due to the bag slashing etc I am now travelling like a tourist with money belt and bag on chest. Look like a complete weirdo! Safe though! And I remember it, yay!

Social circles and miserable coppers!