The tricks to get on Olympic TV, Christ the Reedemer and Team GB racking up the medals!

A free morning beckons. I had asked the girls if we could all do Christ the Reedemer together today (seeing as we have come to Rio as a group?) but they went yesterday. Michelle had checked the weather forecast and it was good so off they went. Pictures looked lovely, and just as well they went yesterday as when I woke up today ready to head off it was bloody raining. Can you believe it, all the way to Rio and it’s like being in the UK! So I roll over and go back to sleep for a few hours (much needed as well). I mean it’s not like I can go to the beach and enjoy Copacabana for the day.I have Archery tickets for later but have been offered diving at a reduced cost from the lads I met at the tennis and not sure I fancy Archery in the rain.

So after my late wake up, the girls are still asleep or maybe out, who knows. I decide that I’ll give Archery a miss in the rain and go for the diving instead. Love a bit of diving and as in the papers there has been talk about the green water the divers have to dive into I feel I’d like to see it, didn’t look that green yesterday? I leave the archery tickets on the side in the apartment for the girls, leave them a message and head off. First a relaxing morning walking along the sea front taking in the sights and scenes. The rain has stopped but the grey clouds are looming, and there isn’t the busy bustling feel that you normally get down here. A few traders out but not many, enough for me to add to my bracelet collection and get a Rio green and yellow band. A few tourists about but not hoards so quite easy to get pictures at the Olympic signs. There are quite a few beach artists working along the beach, they really are quite talented and the heavy downpour can’t of helped keep their work in tact.

The Olympic Rings are down the beach volleyball end (we got a nighttime picture when out for dinner a few days ago) and are also down the TV broadcasting end as well which is where I have headed this morning. It’s such a shame that the locals don’t respect them. This one has a large chunk missing from one of the rings, in London, anything Olympic we were so proud of. 

On the seafront there’s orange Boris bikes, the trend has taken off. Lots of people are out exercising on the bike lanes. Runners, cyclists, a few skateboarders even in the rain, nice weather for it really, cooling! Other than that, nothing more to see. Russia has their ‘house’ at one end. Each country has their own ‘house’ where corporates are invited and Team GB athletes also can socialise. I haven’t managed to find the GB one but I have heard that they are quite posh and not for every day Jo Public. One of the nutty girls who are staying in the apartment as friends of Anamaria, had been invited to the Italian one, and she is one of those girls who looks stunning even when she’s just woken up. She felt it was a rather stuck up and posh event so I’m not sure I’d fit in. I haven’t said much about the girls but it’s worth explaining. They are Brazilian I believe (maybe Portuguese?), very attractive with their flowing dark hair, model figures, quite J Lo esk, dark skin and perfect smiles. One is anamaria’s friend and the other is a friend of the friend. I think they had my room before we came to stay as there’s a random pink bra in the room. Now they sleep on the floor or in the box room depending on their mood but their suitcases are in the lounge and they just get changed in there in front of us mid conversation. The friend of a friend was chatting to me, I turned to answer her question and she had her boobs out. I mean they were very nice boobs, no tan lines or anything but how very odd! Hey ho. Nice girls though. 

Anyhow I’m chilling on the beach and head for some lunch at a nice Brazilian Route 66! Free wifi, Olympics on TV and out of the drizzle. And a very relaxed and enjoyable lunch it was. First time I’ve had a proper lunch since I have been here. You just spend all your time heading from venue to venue and therefore eating whatever you can grab. Namely the local snacks sold on the trains.

The girls are awake back at the apartment, and going to archery so we may catch up later. Now trying to meet the boys with the diving ticket may prove difficult. All the #superfans I have met up with have data allowance on their phones or bought a cheap local phone. My 3 network barely works here some days and unless I want to pay £6 MB there is no bolt on package I can buy so without wifi I’m a tad screwed. We have a group what’s app which would be ideal ordinarily! Anyhow I have to resort to the old texting at 35p a go when not on wifi. As I didn’t want to be late to meet the boys I leave with plenty of time even though I’m freezing and feeling the need to head quickly to the apartment for a jumper or jeans? And as Sod’s law works I’m early and they are late so I could of popped home! But we meet and I lead them to the diving seeing as I know where it is having got lost yesterday. And true to form, we don’t bother sitting in our seats but gradually move along as close to the diving boards as possible and get front row seats right by the camera again. 

It’s not Tom Daley but the 3m synchronised men’s Jack Laugher and Chris Mears. But it’s Olympic Diving, no idea if they are medal hopes but great to support them and see the green pool, and it is green. 

The weather is rubbish (might help the Brits, although when do you ever dive outside in the wind and rain), very windy, raining quite heavily at times. We are covered by the partial roof so we are ok. 

And so it begins. We notice another British group up the stands a bit with Union Jack bunting. That’s pretty organised bringing that. A random English bloke also wanders out of his actual seat and sits with us. We are like moths to a flame for single British travellers. He has a flag so all is good. The GB boys start well and continue to do well. It’s very encapsulating watching. The boys with me keep getting messages saying we are on TV again, how funny!! We are very enthusiastic and overly wave the flags, and I have my Union Jack blow up hand I clap and cheer with, with every intention of catching the cameramans eye to be fair, so it’s good to know its worked!!

The poor Brazilians have an awful dive, one completely out of sync but we all clap them. I think they get the biggest cheer of night (unsurprisingly as they are the home team, but everyone gets behind them), and it comes down to the last dive. 

We spot Tom Daley cheering the team on with the rest of the team GB athletes. An American is sat next to me, very chatty. He doesn’t know much about diving either but enjoys watching it too. The Americans last dive is amazing, almost perfect. Puts them in Gold medal position with two to go. Then it’s GB. An awesome dive too, we are all staring at the big screen hoping for a big score and it comes!! Pipped the Americans. Now down to the Chinese and we know they are awesome. They have a good dive but one slightly over rotates, again we are all watching the screens and cheer when they come third. Whoop whoop, gold for GB, and USA silver for my American mate to cheer.

What an awesome event. We go on the move once more for the medal ceremony and head behind the flag poles, and sing the national anthem with all our heart!!

I’ve come to the realisation the three lads I met are gay, as firstly they are very effeminate and secondly they were very enthralled by the Americans taking their tops off when being interviewed. One even said ‘I videoed the fuck out of that’. Ha ha, love it. Lucky none of the girls in our #superfans group were interested. 

That was quite an event and I’m not ready to finish the day yet so have set my sights on getting swimming tickets so I can see the Olympic pool and Michael Phelps. However I am bloody freezing, it’s raining and swimming starts in four hours!

Hey ho, I persevere and my luck is in. I end up chatting to a ticket tout from Norfolk and he sells me an under face value ticket. In return, without realising it, I help him sell to others by standing around chatting as I look less dodgy than him with my GB flag wrapped around me. I get his number for future tickets then head off to buy a jumper as I’m just too bloody cold. Rio 2016 one it is, and only £30 so not bad at all. I’ve commented before that the food is awful in the parks. I am in need of something so tried the Pizza for a change, oh dear me. It looked like the size of the pizza in back to the future when it was put in the microwave to be enlarged! Tiny bloody thing! 

Off to swimming and in my coldness and with a lack of any British groups to be seen I do actually stay in my seat for once, cheekiness is missing this evening. (I’ve since found out it I had gone for a wander I could of met Rebecca Adlington, Mark Foster and the Blue Peter girl I forget the name off). GB had a few swimmers, won a bronze, Phelps won his medley Gold, it’s a great atmosphere although cold for a swimming pool as its covered but only by material all around so the draft comes in, and I headed off before the last race so I could get home on the metro. It shuts for our safety at 2am and as swimming starts at 11pm! 

It’s now 12.45. I get in at 2am having first walked the wrong way down the road coming out the metro, past some dodgy streets, homeless people and in general not feeling the safest. Realised my mistake after 5 mins! 

When I’m home there is something not quite right with Brazilians and Anamaria. She is pissed as a newt (two bottles of wine apparently) they are arguing, she tells the friend of a friend not to show her lying, ugly little face to her again???? The other one looks awful for the first time. No make up on, looks sad and jaded. There’s a random Chilean guy who come over the other day still here and Anamaria is asking him to stay. It’s all very uncomfortable. The Brazilians look like they are packing up so from the looks of it they are being kicked out at 2am. I dive into my bedroom to get away from it all. 

Thursday and I actually have no tickets at all for today. The girls have water polo and are up and out before I get up. The sun is shining so I am off to Christ the Reedemer. The Brazilians cases are gone so they must of left, Anamaria is awake and seems rather depressed so I just chat along as normal and try and make jokes? 

I need a new selfie stick seeing as mine is in a bin in The Deodoro Olympic Park! But can you find a street seller when you need one? Nope. So I head off without one. It’s about £35 to get the train up and I thoroughly enjoyed the journey. I think I spotted the Nutty Professor or maybe Albert Einsteins great great great grandson on the platform?

It’s a very steep journey up, and even on the mountain theirs a lad selling drinks. At the top it is utter madness. Filled with tourists all wanting that money shot. There are mats you can lay on to get the photo with you and CTR in. I ask an American who is already laying down to do my photo for me, she a very cool about it all bless her. Get an official picture taken as you get to hold the Olympic torch as well so that was an added bonus, and borrowed a ladies selfie stick for a few pics. All good! 

There is a restaurant up the top but it’s not got the views of Sugar Loaf. In my opinion Sugar Loaf is better. The view from up here is good, the lake with the rowing is below and that’s pretty cool. The view over the city, the mountains and Sugar Loaf is all great just not as lovely at at Sugar Loaf. But it’s CTR and that’s an iconic photo in itself.

So I don’t spend long up top, back down and decide to head to the park and try and get a cycling ticket. To save some cash I head back on the public bus. Good to try out all the public transport. 

Karen (volunteer with no role) is going cycling and has tennis tickets too so will meet me. Bless her though, she was so worried I wouldn’t get in she waited outside the park and didn’t use her tennis ticket so I could get in. In my subtle Union Jack cape I found a man selling a spare cycling ticket. He was off to handball which Brazil where in a semi final and just wanted to get some money for the cycling ticket, and it was a top band one. I only had 340BR as I was hoping for a cheap ticket and his was 580BS but he took what I had and ran. Result. The seat was front row on the bend and Karen just came and sat with me. 

We spotted Sharon Davies watching and headed over for a selfie and chat. She’s quite chatty, asked about the travelling and she found it so bad she just stays at the Olympic park all day now.

What an awesome event. Gold for team GB men’s team sprint, Bronze for Chris Froome and we were on TV apparently every time that medal was shown and I just had a great time. Go GB #bringonthegreat. We also hear Mat Whitlock got a bronze in gym as well, the other event I was interested in. It’s now called #welcomewednesday as team GB have started to rack up the medals.

So out of the velodrome we headed and the #superfans lads are by Clare Balding. We get asked to stand behind her for the live TV coverage, and again get on TV. The funniest thing is, the table she would normally present from is replace by a shopping trolley with her iPad and notes on, the camera and everything she needs. Quite a sight! What a mad day this is turning out to be. She is very lovely and chats to us all. The lads tell her they have kissed Catherine Granger and this gets put into a live link. Chris Hoy then joins in the interview and at the end we get some selfies, although Clare is in a rush and when the lads ask her if she could take the selfie as it would look better she tells them to piss off, in a jovial manner. #legend.

Time for the journey home, and hoping to catch up with my other mates who are staying in Rio and lending me the use of their apartment for the weekend so I don’t have to pay £150 for the unclean, drainage issue, manic, mid decorating apartment I am currently staying in. However they are in British House getting pissed so Karen and I have a meal (again first today) before heading home. 

Two days, three TV appearances, four sports, not a lot of sleep and I’m starting to get addicted to this getting on the TV game. #wheressam as its now called on Facebook. When I get in I finally see Michelle and Lindz, and just keep getting Facebook notifications (63 today) about my TV appearances. 

They managed Archery yesterday and loved it, although it was cold. And water polo this morning was good. It’s very weird hardly seeing them but we all seem to be having a great time! Love the Olympics. Think I need to stay saving for Tokyo 2020!