That Groundhog Day feeling and hairy body parts!

It’s a clean trousers and shirt day. Oh the simple things!! I seem to have a bit of a cold but think that’s the norm here, you spend all day with a runny nose due to cold wind. Didn’t want to get out of my warm doona (duvet) this morning, feels like Groundhog Day. Wake up to ‘good morning, washing water please’, feel crap, cold outside, have to wash in luke warm water then put dirty clothes on (treat today with some clean ones obviously!) Clean teeth outside in freezing cold, go to breakfast in freezing cold, then head out still bloody freezing! We walked a fair bit today, lots of downhill and into warmer climates! From 4400m down to 3935 and 8 km. I walked at the front just because I could after my shitty efforts yesterday. However at about half way of the downhill steps my knee started to hurt so got my poles out again and slowed down. As it got so warm we all stripped down to one layer. I kept my legs covered mind as far too hairy! Ex pat had the hairiest armpits and realised it after about 5 minutes so stopped lifting her arms. Hagrid stripped to his underpants to get long johns off!! No one cares though!! So the nicknames we have, some are just so apt. Luna lovegood really is a space cadet. Plods along at the back, miles behind everyone. Not a care in the world, smiling all the time, in her own world. The weasley twins take twin selfies constantly, and play pranks on each other. Swiss was having a pee stop and pom made a spectacle of him! Hagrid, well he is just the BFG. Stand him next to a porter and he engulfs them, so funny. And need I say more about mr bean? He even stands like mr bean, arms folded kind of waving his body forward and back.
We pass back along the route from a few days ago, past ice falls which have melted somewhat. Ex pat chatting lots today, getting along well as a three with roomy too. Just me being hard to talk to maybe at start, really like her. She does like to talk rather than listen though. Gragma hasn’t decided who won yesterday’s challenge so it’s a daw, he says I got the most facts but Roomys were very interesting! 2-2 it is them. I’m enjoying the trip again after the anguish of yesterday, I think the warmth helps. A little local boy walks up the hill with us, very sweet. I give him a Mars bar, others give treats too. He keeps some for his sister, others he eats. Dirty chubby little face, as is the norm out here. At the top of the hill we are at the village, and are greeted by a stupa, quite a nice entrance. Photse is the town, a mixture of old and new. The tea house is nice, room not by a toilet, ex pat has that joy this time, but they are squats. Curtains are 101 dalamations, quite a nice touch. We had a free afternoon so lots did their washing. I have enough clothes to spread out across the trip so wasn’t intending on washing stuff, but did smell my fleece and decided that needed a wash!! Soap, warm water and drying in the dusty air!! Ah well. May be cleaner but dirtier in other ways. Roomy due to illness hadn’t cleaned her teeth for two days. She said they felt furry, I’m not bloomin surprised. Ex pat and I take the mick big time!! Boys shower again, so clean! The shower is a woman standing on the roof pouring a bucket of hot water into a container, high tech stuff! I do at least shave my legs so I can be in shorts with some respect. Ex pat also shaves and plucks eyebrows, we all openly chat about it. Just roomy who is going hairy, even her top lip (not that you can notice but she’s aware)! We take a trip to the local shop. It’s half house, half shop. Cheap biscuits but out of date! I buy some Horlicks to fill flask with at night. Buy a 30p face towel to help washing routine, wet wipes are running low. The house had satellite tv, weird seeing a tv after so long and in the mountains. The other side of the house has about 7 beds, the kitchen at the back and no idea where the toilet is, maybe outside. So basic here. There’s a guitar at the tea house so kiwi plays some acoustic music, she’s pretty good. More than words sounds amazing. Passang also has ago, shy with it though. Guides shower and wash clothes too, so us girls lead the dirty way. Roomy loves my English sayings like ‘buggar off’ and ‘Sod off’, she laughs when I say them.
Washing didn’t all dry outside so it was brought in to dry by fire. Hagrids pants were steaming, his response ‘they always are darling!’. Some of the lads upset passang. He explains that tomorrow we can’t boil water at lunch as porters are further ahead than us. That if we want water then, that we can buy it. Now at the start we all paid $40 for hot water morning and evening along with washing water. We’ve been spoilt at lunchtimes, so when Hagrid and pom pipe up saying we should get water it’s rather harsh. All feel uncomfortable and passang tells us he’s nervous talking to us all every day. Poor boy! The girls all smile and say it’s all fine!
As we try to sleep the bloody chefs or cleaners, who knows, are shouting at the top of their voices, bit bloody rude I say. Night night!
So today is a 7 hour day, starting out journey towards to base camp!! The miyagis had soup and noodles for brekkie. I was chatting to mini miyagi and asked how he slept. He thought I asked how his soup was so answered. I just played along but roomy heard. She then asked me how my soup was and I nearly choked with laughter. Easily pleased me!
Back in shorts with my nicely shaven legs!! Lovely views, lots of yaks, waterfalls, rockfalls. However we are now on the more popular route and pass so many other people, Hagrid called it a bloody circus! We stop for a toilet break, and the delightful squat toilets have carved footprints so you know where to put your feet. That’s kind, I’m always unsure!
Group must be tired as not much chatting and lots have music playing. Roomy is bouncing along to her music in front of me, just like a tough child bounces along the path, very funny. Ex pat and I gang up on roomy a bit, laughing at her dirtiness!! Not that we can talk. Due to cold and tiredness I’ve been a bit homesick so called parents at lunch. They were so pleased to hear from me, it’s good to talk!
Mr bean at his best ‘oh it’s steep’, ‘oh nearly there’, ‘oh yak’. The weather turns at lunch and we all wrap up for afternoon walk. Snowed again as we arrived to town. Dingboche. Last big settlement before base camp. There’s shops to buy supplies etc. Again the boys shower! Us girls can’t even be arsed to get wifi at cafe so sit and read in communal area. There’s the funniest toilet here. They’ve tried to mimick a western toilet with a box but then carpeted it, all above a long drop. The carpet is stained and gross, the squat is our preference, however kiwi and indie chose to take a seat on the loo!! The tea house fire doesn’t work so we’re a bit cold, but I do manage to get my camera batteries charged all in an hour. Result. Power monkey charger still bloody shit, 15% from a day in the sun. Roomy a but poorly till so orders plain boiled potatoes. They arrive unpeeled!! Love it, so she has to sit there and peel them before eating them. There’s chocolate pudding on the menu so quite a few order it. However it looks like shit!! Not good. I’m feeling a bit ill, upset stomach. Hope I can sleep it off. Swiss and mr bean have blocked noses so are treated to a eucalyptus steam session. Big girls blouses.





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