Freezing our arses off at 5360 metres!

Wake up miserable!! Sore throat, toasty in my sleeping bag so don’t want to get out in the cold and get washed and changed. Although we are heading to gokyo so that’s positive! The toilet delight this morning was that it had frozen over so we all had to try and defrost it with our warm pee!! No number twos allowed! Today’s even colder, don’t even get my legs out on the walk. Only Hagrid left in shorts, the tough Kiwi! As we pass the lakes we realise it’s so cold the usual blue/green lakes are still snow covered. In fact it starts snowing again as we near tea house. I’m so cold I’m shivering, today should of been a thermal day!
I had to pee behind a rock for the first time today, couldn’t hold it any longer. Nice view though!! (Of the mountains not me!)
We spot some ducks on the pond, orange bizarrely and see snow cocks too. They are a bird before you think rudely, and they make a funny squawk noise that you instantly recognise. Today’s task for roomy and I was to see who could get the most interesting fact about the guides. Loved chatting to the guides. I found out me-ma is a dad to a one year old girl. They live in lukla near the airport and his family run a tea shop. He likes volleyball and is a setter, also good in goal for football. Ne-ma has a girlfriend kind of!! Keeping his options open I think, he’s very good at volleyball and his favourite movie is island peak. (They only seem to get Everest movies/documentaries out here). I was very impressed with my findings! However then I found out roomies facts! She chatted to our lead guide and found out his dad died of lukemia when he was 19 and then an English couple sponsored him to go to university so he could train to be a guide. It meant he only had to be an assistant guide for 5 years to get experience and then could be a leader. Otherwise you have to be a porter for 10 years! She may have won? Gragma is to be he judge! Mr Bean is testing my patience today. Bless him and all but I don’t need a running commentary as we walk, ‘oh it’s snowing’, ‘there’s a yak’, it’s rocky isn’t it!’. Had a fun chat with gragma though. Discussion on lord of the rings because the landscape is a bit like the movie. I decided his alter ego is gandulph! I find out from fellow Trekkers that in Mexico you live with your family until you marry, and in Switzerland they still have national service. Love meeting people from around the world. We get to tea house just before snow storm hits. I am freezing and don’t warm up for about an hour. Ex pat gives me hand warmers and a down vest to help me! Not good. Roomy is in pain with her neck, all down her head and top of spine so she’s in tears, I’m in tears all is not good here! Then we see indie come in and she’s so ill. Been sick along the way and looks awful. They think it’s altitude sickness as she’s had it at this height before. When feeling better we check out the rooms. It’s a good place and top floor is en suite, however not all plumbed in yet including ours. Shame! Electricity though, western toilets and wifi if you want to pay £8 unlimited. I’m not that fussed but do get an hour to send pics to mum and Facebook. £3! Due to snow storm our acclimatisation walk is again cancelled but the hardy four ( Pom, Hagrid, ex pat and Swiss) head out anyway. I get so bored after 3 hours that a trip to the shop excites me!! It’s not even a bloody shop more like a shed to be honest. The shop man is hilarious though. Firstly gives me 300 not 700 change. Then couldn’t add 160 and 180 even with a calculator. Then gives gragma too much change, he does give it back though! Buying a few things took about half an hour. The big kid that I am at heart, meant I had to do a snow angel!! Lucky I put my waterproof pants on! The sun finally came out so mr miyagi offered to take us to see the glacier. Four of us join him, me, gragma, mr bean and Mexican. Steep old climb but awesome views. I forget that Aussies don’t see snow so mr bean in particular is so excited by the snow, and gragma pretty excited to! The glacier is endless and beautiful. Hard to believe it’s constantly moving! I even build a mini snowman at the top!! I helped the Aussies down by staying behind them in case of a fall. At the bottom I looked into what I thought was a shed, oh bloody hell, nope it’s a toilet, a short drop squat so I can see piles of shit. Nice!
Anyway, nice evening. Most of us are turning vegetarian as the meat can’t be killed on the mountain, therefore you don’t know when it was killed! However old Hagrid tries the speciality dish of chicken. It comes out and is pink in the middle! He has to send it back twice and still not cooked. He thinks it’s because they boil it from frozen so middle never gets cooked through. Oops!!
At the toilet area I get another shock, a German man runs from the showers in just his Y fronts, not a pretty sight I tell you! Early to bed as up at 4.30am. Gokyo peak time!!
So after a rubbish nights sleep it’s time to get up! Kept waking wondering if it was time to get up, and freezing cold! Feeling a bit rubbish, headache, lethargic, just not great! No time for breakfast either as kitchen not open, so straight outside into cold with no energy. Glad to see indie up and about and raring to go! I’m all layered up to make sure I don’t get cold again. Six top layers, three bottom. However within 15 minutes I’m overheating, feeling sick from heat so stop start to strip and rest of group march on! My bag is now full of bloody clothes. Feel a bit better but still not 100%. Guides told me to use my poles, got told off pretty much!! Way behind the rest of the group but I persevere through my lack of energy catch up with stragglers and after 3 hours, 600m vertical ascent and 1.8km at 40% incline I’m just near the top and shit, buggar, bollocks, I hit my head on a big rock. The tears start to fall, tiredness and pain together. I carry on. Just above me is roomy. Unlike her to be slow, hope she’s ok. I catch up to her at the top, she’s been feeling sick the whole time. As we reach the summit I just burst into exhausted tears. For about 5 minutes. Eventually sort my sad little self out and enjoy the awesome views. 5360 metres above sea level. Snow everywhere, second longest glacier in the world, Everest, lhoste (4th highest mountain), makalu (5th highest) and cho oyu (6th highest). Amazing. After about 30 minutes at the top and a hot lemon tea to toast our triumph, we head down. Started strong but energy soon left me. Roomy still ill and just wanted to get back so she raced ahead. After nearly two hours I make it to the tea house, collapse and cry again. What a mess!! Mr Bean ill too and struggled to get down and Luna slow as usual just plodding along in her own luna like world! I blame the lack of breakfast for feeling shit. 7 hours of effort on no food is ridiculous, add the -10 degrees to that as well. Roomy sleeping, indie feeling sick again and mr bean looks bloody awful. After a break of a few hours we have to pack up and head back to tea house from the night before last. Poor sick people. . Make the most of the western toilets before we leave, although the water runs out so no one can flush. Wouldn’t have this issue with long drops! I’m feeling better after food and drink. Slow walk and I decide to be anti social and put music on for walk. Love my shuffle, Kylie, Jason, extreme, mika!! Get to tea house and just collapse. Roomy goes to bed as still ill, I chat to gragma and we name everyone from Harry potter, hence some of the nicknames. Some don’t stick but amuse us anyway. A tough 36 hours, time for bed!! Swiss and Pom we name the weasley twins, very apt as always up to mischief together. Due to illness and exhaustion no decision on daily challenge from yesterday was made. We’ll all it a draw I think!!!






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