Roomy challenges, triumphant toileting and the joys of trekking!

Mongla to machhermo
Bloody freezing night, coldest I’ve been, although flask still fairly hot with water so roomy and I have a cuppa to warm up. Mini miyagi is singing next door, no idea what it is but quite tuneful to be fair! I find out later it’s the song to frozen. Swiss is outside in what must be -5 half naked having a wash, nutty man but a nice sight none the less!! I however am trying my hardest to warm up fully clothed. Outside there’s the cutest bundle of fluff of a puppy. A Tibetan mastif apparently? We all have a cuddle, the dog owners shine through! Mexican, indie and me! Mini miyagi has a good cuddle too. I ordered musheli for brekkie just because it’s spelt so wrong. Assuming its museli. Love looking at the menu and guessing some of the words. Pone is prune, also you can order egg omelettes here, not sure what an omelette is made from then? Now as basic and fun as this tea house is I am pleased to be leaving. The shit view toilet was bloody gross this morning!
On the walk yet again after 10 minutes I stripped layers back into shorts and t shirt so bag is weighed down with clothes! Lots of downhill today before we go back up, all the way down to the water. To entertain us during the day I set us a challenge. Today was to find facts out about mr bean as I feel he is a little isolated and it’s harder to talk to him. We shall see who gets the best facts! I go straight for the kill! He loves the sport of rogaining, like orienteering. Spends weekends doing it. He has fish that a feeder feeds so I assume single! We’ll see what roomy finds out later. We pass through a little village and a dirty faced little girl quite chirpy comes past carrying her baby sister. I get the bubbles out and she’s so excited by them I have to give them to her. I give her a new bottle and she apparently says thank you, thank you, we can play with these on our birthday. That made me feel so humbled. The smallest things make them so happy! However she did also want my jack jubilee companion, that was a good deed to far! Lol
Our trek today took us past several ice waterfalls and snow sculpted by water, all awesome. Weather not as clear so views from last few mornings were better. At 4000m we stop for a break. I’m so British, I get my flask out and toast the 4000m with a cuppa!! Our next tea house looks more equipped than last (not hard to be honest!) has lights in rooms, lights in toilets and even a western toilet. Yay. Starting to learn everyone’s names now, including guides. Passang, me-ma, ram and ne-ma. Ne-ma and Me-Ma are days of the week. Me-ma is Tuesday, think Ne-ma may be Sunday? Ram was the guide who was walking to fast for a bit and we thought we’d get annoyed by him! Passang the boss spoke to him though, all is now good. We were due for an acclimatisation walk this afternoon but it’s snowing quite hard so free time! Most of us chilled but a few went off for a walk. Hagrid who had been the instigator for not walking in the snow then sods off out on a walk? I’m saving my legs for later days, hoping these 4 are the fit dudes and don’t tire themselves out, Hagrid, ex pat, Swiss and Pom! Was I jealous? Maybe a bit as it annoyed me for no reason at all!!
Those of us who stayed behind played cards, read, a few got clothes washed by guides! Apparently us westerners can’t wash clothes properly with rocks, well that’s pretty true! During the cards game roomy and I go into hysterics, just because old mr bean does his little noise and because we’ve talked about it we now notice it at the same time and look at each other. I literally lose it, crying, can’t breath, must be tired. Everyone looks at us and wonders what on earth is so funny. Mr bean is playing cards so we can’t tell anyone!! Another fun evening sitting and chatting to the group. Mini miyagi may want to be a personal trainer so I give what advice I know! Mexican is single, shame he’s a bit young for me. Swiss the only other possible romance is moving to the US to be a helicopter pilot and has a girlfriend. Never mind, no man of my dreams on this trip!
Ex pat and I don’t seem naturally able to speak, maybe we re too similar? Maybe it’s just me being paranoid?
Indie asks me what my next challenge will be. Truthfully I want a family, age is passing quickly, although I do love seeing the world and Africa and Asia oh yes and America I want to see more of.
None of us three girls have showered yet! Boys seem to be the cleaner sex, very surprising! My justification is two fold! One it’s bloody cold as soon as the shower turns off so you freeze being wet, and two my clothes have to last three or four days so clean body dirty clothes is a waste!
I’m now reading the disaster book into thin air, the biggest disaster on Everest back in 1996. Fascinating so far. Some jokes from our beloved mr miyagi-what happens when two yaks collide? It’s a yakcident! Oh dear. Our oxygen levels were taken again, 85ish, not bad! Not sure what it all means to be honest. Gragma was chatting to us, he mentioned the old Aussie programme ’round the twist’, I haven’t heard about that in about 25 years! So random!
We head of too bed at 8.30. Bloody room is next to the toilet again, and my wall is adjoining the toilet. That’s going to be fun! Roomy didn’t ask mr bean anything! So I win! Her challenge tomorrow.
So apart from hearing everyone going to the loo, an ok nights sleep. Morning ritual of quick wash with luke warm washing water, and freezing outside teeth cleaning, but I have clean pants today! How exciting! Roomy has set the challenge today to take the most photos. We shall see! I must be getting less patient or just more tired as I tried getting my sleeping bag in four times and failed so had a cup of tea as a break, and then managed it, stupid thing!
Saw some baby yaks today, so cute! We are taking random photos of everything, bags, feet, pebbles, ex pat thinks it’s a challenge to run your batteries down!! Fair point. Gragma and I are chatting about British comedies. He likes vicar of dibley, doc Martin, would I lie to you, yes minister. Very random mix and weird hearing what makes it across the world! He’s never seen neighbours or home and away. We have a drink at a town called lozer. Great name, it has a school for lozers!
Our tea house is nice again, I befriend the dog in courtyard straight away, along with indie and kiwi lass, so cute! Gragma having issues with his camera flash, I manage to fix in a few minutes. Hagrid spent 10 minutes yesterday not fixing it! I’m so good! Actually I had the same problem a while back so knew the issue!
Try to charge my phone from solar charger and got a whole 15% before it died. Not sure it’s that great? Lucky I hardly use my phone.
Weather good today so did do an acclimatisation walk up the hills after lunch from tea house. Very steep up, gragma said he felt like a mountain goat! Freezing at the top, 4675m, and clouds coming in. As it’s so cold we all rush back down, I do a bit of triathlon training and run back across the top until the steep rocks that I decide may make me fall and break something! Dog is still in courtyard, shivering so we invite it in!! Happy doggy! Roomy freezing when she returns, looks a bit poorly. Feel bad for her? I count my photos from the day being very strict not to count doubles. 109. Roomy goes to bed early so I’ll ask in morning.
We’ve been trekking for long enough now that it’s just the norm to see people walking to the loo with toilet roll under their arms! Hagrid has a satellite phone with him, very posh! And used it to call home at top of hill. He came down and told us that he’d accidentally text mountain services meaning they would think he’s in trouble! Fortunately he called them straight away and said it was a mistake. Very funny! We had a lesson on how the PAC (portable altitude chamber) is used in case of an emergency, fascinating! Big cocoon that takes your altitude down by thousands! Stops you getting HACE or HAPE. We find out the doggy is from dole where we walked from, 3 hours away bless her little cotton socks!
The evening draws in, the sun barely shining through clouds, snow has fallen on the mountainside it’s beautiful up here. Love it! Walks are awesome, chatting to new friends, chill of an evening playing cards or reading, all the things we forget to do in real life due to distractions. Everyone staying at the tea house is huddled into the one warm room in the place, very sociable. At his thoughtful moment Hagrid then puts on music!! Lol. Fortunately it’s oldy worldly music I like! ‘My brown eyed girl’, ‘rain drops keep falling on my head’. It’s like being in a American diner. Have finished my book, has put me off Everest climb. Too many other idiots you put your life in the hands of on the mountain. Terrible tragedy! And I think it’s something for those climbers who have dreamed of it from a young age.
So off to bed, usual routine we get used to. Squat toilet, being secretly chuffed when you aim down the hole successfully, steam rising up from pee though, cleaning teeth outside in freezing cold with a bottle of water chatting to others, beautiful skyline to look at, then climb freezing into sleeping bag and warm up after about 5 minutes. No wooden floors or creaking toilet doors next to me so a good nights sleep hopefully! Off to gokyo tomorrow where the first hard challenge awaits us!




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