Sexual availability, yelping dogs and the love of wool pom poms!

I’ve settled in now, you get used to the village life. I introduced making wool pom poms to the girls, they love it. 6 balls of wool gone in 24 hours!! Now I feel I’ve made an impact of some kind. One girl hugged me about 6 times before going to bed, bless her.
I’ve still not taught any kids but am becoming the creative volunteer. Some kids coloured pictures in although all volunteers more excited than some girls! My whiteboards are being used by other volunteers for maths teaching. A use at last!
No more gardening as yet, good as blisters still sore.
I’m like an outcast of society when people ask my age, then am I married, when I say divorced there’s always a pause before they then say oh!! Really??? An old divorced girl in Nepal is clearly not a good thing! But I have learnt that I could go to the monastery to volunteer as I’m over 30, and that means the monks don’t hit on you. What a result!!!
I read more of my tourist guide book. What to wear? ‘If you wear a skirt or shorts, you may be seen as sexually available!’ Great!! Well unless I wish to swelter in jeans or black leggings I’ll be sexually available!! Although if you read ‘relationships’ ‘HIV although mainly passed on by the homosexual community is quite rife here, particularly via the trekking guides, wear a condom at all times!. Great to know! Such good information in these guide books!
Walked into town to get fruit, drink and wool and decided to try flip flips now my feet are used to them a bit more. Big mistake, big, huge (can you name the movie that lines from??) I now have blisters, bruises and the damn flip flops broke! Cheap tourist pair from Australia but loved them all the same!
Now on your first day or so here the little village kids calling and waving is cute and you play along. When you have sore feet and have been here a while you get annoyed more easily!! Kids asking for sweets constantly, ‘where are you from? Where are you going? Come to my house?’ They become like flies, buzzing constantly and won’t fly away!! Bah humbug!
We stop in the village for a drink, lovely little hut. However if you saw this place in Europe you’d run a mile. Filthy! But here we love it! Just shows you what snobbishness our own thoughts allow us!
There’s now 4 volunteers for 2 days as one has returned to visit before leaving to travel more. The Aussie I’m struggling to chat with, lovely girl but seems hard? Now from previous experience I’ve realised not to judge, ridicule etc. she is 19, so I’m trying to be very nice. Chat lots. I think she struggles with me, maybe as I’m older, scary apparently? She had a cold so under the weather, and a heat rash and so not done gardening, or walked to restaurant or town in last 3 days? I think that’s a bit precautious but I’m not ill!! And heat rash from an Aussie, that’s just weird! Says she doesn’t like the heat? How does she cope at home!!
German who’s 20 is funny. She always finds something to do. Cleaning her room, communal areas, kids house. Doesn’t like being bored. Bless! Makes us all look lazy. My fellow Peruvian volunteers would never of coped here!! The new girl is lovely. Gets on with stuff but also chills. More like me maybe? Also 20. I’m such a granny!! Shame they both leave this weekend.
Had my first tears today. They have a dog here. Not the best looked after, tied up during day but free at night. Fed left overs and given water. Better than being a street dog though. However he must have gone for a wander over night as wasn’t about in morning. When they found him he was dragged in, tied up and hit. He was yelping. Hate this, made me want to go home! It’s a different culture here but I can’t cope with that! That noise of a yelping dog will haunt me for a long time!
Had to do some washing after being here a week. Cold water pump, bucket, hand wash and a brush!! Too of the range equipment! We’ll see how clean it is in the morning!!
Off on a trip for the weekend, jungle safari! Great 🙂





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