Village life in Nepal

So my first night in Nepal, slept well until about 2am when the noises from all around disturbed me. I’d forgotten that like in Peru you are so close to other houses, the animals and so on that you need to adjust to this. I’m used to a pretty quiet night back home in my cul de sac! Feeling a bit home sick. Always find the first few days hard, new culture, no friends, tired from travelling. And now I’m comparing to Peru all the time as that was awesome, not the best thing to do!
The kids wake at about 5.30, again something similar to Peru so they wake me too. But that’s ok as up at 6!its my journey to chitwan!
No breakfast as they don’t do breakfast apparently, so I just head off in the taxi awaiting me. For 6.30am the roads are busy. Kids walking to school, motor bikes whizzing in and out, push bikes ladened with shopping, crazy buses, horns honking constantly.
Locals going through rubbish, very sad to see firstly rubbish strewn everywhere but more upsetting the adults going through it hoping for something maybe to eat?
I’m busy watching the world go by and we stop by a load of buses. Next port of call. Out I get, onto the bus, he asks for payment and I say it’s all sorted? Is it? I don’t know but noones said I had to pay. Another English girl on bus but apart from a nod ignores me. Some Danish, Americans and locals too. That bus ride was madness. You know when you hit a pot hole driving and go oh shit. Well imagine the whole road of potholes and a 6 hour journey! Oh yes! He stopped for half hour at one point, fantastic, I could get some sleep without being thrown out my seat. It’s so hot as the day goes on I think I’m going to be sick!
Ive been warned that the bus sometimes forgets to stop at my next waiting point, so I get up the courage to go and remind the driver. Thankfully all was well and we stop although he ripped my case getting it out! Damn it.
Holding hotel nice enough, get a drink, free wifi and wait for next taxi. He arrives with either a gay friend or just a very weird look is trendy in Nepal. He has bleached hair spiked up, painted nails! Weird.
Another 40 minutes in the taxi on awful roads and I arrive. He doesn’t help but the mumma of the house shows me my room, another volunteer pops in and says hello before I collapse to sleep. Not eaten all day and tired!
When I awake another volunteer knocks and we all head into he village a 30 min walk. I need a few essentials. I forgot my razor and don’t want to look like a German by the end of the trek! Also found there’s no toilet roll in the rooms!
Nice girls, German…not a hairy one though and an Aussie! German been here 3 months and is like part of the establishment, Aussie just a few days so a good mix. We buy essentials, stop for a drink in a cafe, well actually a shed but hey ho, and head back. Only whites in the village so everyone chats to us!
I find out we have wifi at the orphanage, limited electricity, no hot water but bloody wifi!!! Seems all wrong to me.
Good for me but wasn’t that bothered. The electricity comes on for a few hours a day usually at night, it’s a village thing.
Back to happy home, that’s what it’s called, and start preparing dinner, then socialise with kids. I give them some bits from home. They love the hair ties, bubbles, harmonica but the tampons threw them, never heard of them! They were very confused and none of us wanted to explain! Oops.
We help them with homework, most can speak good English but can’t read it as well as spoken. Dinner which apparently is the same as breakfast is rice with a stew and lentil soup. Everyone eating with their hands, I still can’t do it! Maybe tomorrow!! Electricity comes on as we eat, so kids head back to their rooms when finished and can watch some tv.
We clean kitchen, check on kids who bless them are doing work, it’s the mumma that puts tv on which is a Nepalese soap as bad as eldorado! Those of you old enough to remember!!! by then it’s 9pm I’m off to snodland! Good first day.
So my first full day at the orphanage, what did I learn???
Well us volunteers are general dogs bodies! 6.30 we are shovelling buffalo shit, give poor battery chickens water, then although told not to by the boss as there’s exams on?? We head into village to see children’s club kids. Help them with work. The kids club is a 30 min walk, and situated in the middle of the village. About 10 kids there today, very cute, quite scruffy but friendly too, happy for us too help. Good at English and maths. The room it’s held in as a classroom with a few low level tables. No chairs. Writing all over walls teaching English, maths, Nepalese and I think Hindi? We can only stay an hour but I hope I can come back. They need my resources more than the orphanage to be honest. The kids in their dirty clothes and runny noses love to ask questions. Back to happy home to clean up after breakfast, oh yes we get some after being up 3 hours although it’s just the same as dinner, local dish. However I get with it and eat with my hands as per tradition! When in Rome! Then in 25 degree heat plough the veggie patch, clean the house, and then get a rest. I’m not sure id want to do this for more than 2 weeks! Am I helping the orphans? Not really. Am I making a difference? Not really! It’s an experience indeed, and great to see village life, but not what it’s sold as. The more we discuss the owner of the orphanage the more he sounds like a complete twat! Out to be the big I am in the village. Wants me to stay at orphanage to help those kids not whole village so his results look good?? Also three different companies brought us three volunteers here, none of us doing the project we signed up for. German girl construction and had an argument with him over it. Aussie also teaching and put here. He puts everyone in his orphanages!!
Anyway so after a delightful cold shower to cleanse me from the hard work, and a sleep (manual labour in heat kills me off) we had a lovely afternoon by the river eating chips! Oh Yes! And cold drinks.
The owners of restaurant both come out, ‘you’re new?’ To me, yes a new white girl in the village.
The only white people here are us from the orphanage.
Afternoon and the evening consists of spending time with kids, I start making a pom pom but they have no idea what it is, preparing dinner, the kids eat first, we then eat ours, cleaning up after them, helping with work although the power comes on in the evening so tv as anywhere in the world is a distraction too far!
Despite my moans I’m pleased I’m here, blistered hands and all and pleased to be ‘working’ unlike Iceland.
I clearly didn’t research enough though as temperatures here way higher than Kathmandu so jeans was not the best trouser choice! Lucky my trekking pants turn into shorts!!


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