Ciao piancavallo

I wake early ready for some early skiing with IT teacher, beautiful day. Leaving the school to sort out kids packing and getting shoes to ski shop for after we return ski wear! Oh well. I’m not group leader so I can just ski off!! We get to lifts and she has done the old ‘ski pass is in her other jacket’! Oops! Fortunately old pe teacher appears as he’s sorting lockers out and offers to race back to get it for her! Div if the day
Nomination! We have an awesome morning. Go up to top station as it’s only the second day it’s been open. IT teacher loved it. Bit of off piste, snow angels in the deep snow. Just amazing. IT teacher says it’s her favourite part of the holiday and thanks me. Very sweet of her. Love this ski rep lark. No stress, free skiing, great decision to do it. Of course I have a nice group so made easy but still great! Join the others for morning ski and kids love it. Our top group gets to go on black run. They are so chuffed! So pleased for them. Boy with injured knee skis this morning, struggling but does well. Poor IT teacher had to go back to hotel with one girl who has a possible broken rib. She’s gutted to miss skiing but bless her for volunteering. Injured mr maths is also back at hotel. Gutted for him as he paid to come here and missed half the trip with his injury.
One last injury for today, just on ski back to the meet point one pupil hits another with her ski pole. He gets a golf ball shaped lump on his head. Not great for journey home.
A bit stressy after skiing as I have to collect in the ski passes, take them back, pick up some ski badges, check all equipment is returned, check on other school party, oh yes and shower, eat lunch, shop for travel refreshments and then get on coach. In just 2 hours! The other school has had a tough time. A broken leg that needs pinning, 2 cut hands that needed stitches and 4 others with minor injuries! Now apart from the broken leg girl during the week injured pupils have been left at the restaurants while staff ski. Is that right or wrong? Tough to make a teacher miss skiing every day, but should the pupil be left on their own? They were checked upon after each run? My school wouldn’t leave theirs at all, equally wouldn’t leave the ski groups without a teacher. The other school also did a whole staff ski afternoon twice. Good fun but should all staff go? Just a thought?
Anyway I get all jobs done and get to say goodbye to the lovely hotel dog Garcia. 20 hours on a coach, here I come!!
So what have I learnt his trip? Planning lots of evening activities is crucial, bingo and karaoke real hits! Don’t let kids go to town alone then there’s no drunkenness. Kids like staff skiing with them but do let all staff have a free ski. My group leader took on too much responsibility every day and night, I say let others do more! Lots of things I do anyway but a bit like supply teaching you get to notice the good and bad points for future reference. And yes I’d do this again!!
Journey home good until Calais. Although we stopped for refreshments in Switzerland and services closed! Next one at least toilets were open! I’ve nicknamed one pupil Ron weasley. He’s tall, ginger, pale and pretty miserable looking. Just moped around all week. At the services there were automatic revolving doors. He just walked around in them for about ten minutes! Very odd boy but has amused me all week!
Got to watch Top Gun, very excited as I haven’t seen it in years, still cry at it!
In France we stopped for breakfast, paid for by trip leader, very nice croissant and tea. We’ve been sharing the journey home with many other ski trips. The skiing jumpers are a real site at services. Good to compare designs. My favourite is names of all in the shape of Italy, very unique.
Oh yes and finally my phone works in France. Wow!!
At Calais there’s a bloody strike so sit in coach not moving for an hour! Gives staff a chance to nominate their pupil of the week. Mine is Ron Weasley for amusing me!
Oh yuck, bus drivers just had to clean toilet as boys peed on floor and seat. Yucky!! 2 hours later we are on the train, so nearly home! The doors between cabins amuse us as they aren’t the biggest and a large black African lady has to squeeze her way through, almost getting stuck!! I chuckle to myself! Such a fattest me!! Lol
I kinda thought my group may buy me a thank you gift for being their rep! But alas no. They did say I was brilliant though so hopefully I’ll get asked again! Good bunch of staff there. Shame they are over an hour away!
Mum picks me up at services and that’s it all over! Bit sad but get to see my doggie!!


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