Ski Repping!

Off skiing today!! However have an interview this morning for a job I’m not sure about! Long journey! So I head off and an hour and 20 minutes later I arrive, late!! Good start, not! Then I drive into the London school and the gate to car park is locked! Bugger! So i have to call them and ask. There’s a buzzer they say. Oops, what a plonker. In I go. But then you have to bloody buzz again to get out the car park to get to the reception. Real lockdown??!!
They have my name wrong, very organised place? Anyway I chat to head, very nice and friendly, start tour but then have to go and get changed as I’m the first to teach. Badminton to year 8. Not bad. Huge sports hall. Different list of pupils to those I was given, ah well! Then I got timings wrong so finished too early. Really not my day. Finished the lesson feeling it wasn’t great and I may as well go home now! I even say to the assistant head if my lesson was poor please send me home now! She returns saying stay, at least it was a good lesson then even though not outstanding.
Next task is a vision of pe presentation, then a data task before one girl is sent home as her lesson wasn’t good enough.
As I’m on a tight schedule my interview is moved forward. They are over running so give me the option to withdraw or be late! I ponder just leaving as hearts really not in it. Stay though, although when they ask the question ‘why are you the right person for this job?’ I dont think I am so don’t really talk myself up!
I leave 45 mins later than planned, debating wether I want the job or not, and thinking I should really withdraw!
I get home with 15 mins to change, finish packing, get a taxi!
All rushed but get in cab, I’m sure I’ve forgotten something?
Taxi to station, train to Stratford, Stratford to Stratford international! Then to Folkestone. I manage to acquire a friend at Stratford. Bless the very talkative woman. She travelled from Great Yarmouth to see her half sister who she’s only just found whilst trying to track down her birth mother, who unfortunately died. She had a laminated sheet with her travel instructions written on. Very weird but in a nice way. She chats away to me about her life, including boyfriend, adoption and poorly dog, until we get separated on the busy train to Folkestone. It takes all sorts!
The group I’m skiing with are stuck in M25 traffic in the awful weather. So no rush for me. I withdraw from interview by email as have decided it’s too far to travel. Get feedback anyway that I didn’t get it for valid reasons such as the question about why I’m the person for the job! I didn’t show myself well but very good feedback for future interviews so very helpful!
Final trip is another taxi from station to services.
Phone battery is dying so go to find a power socket, but there are children parked by every socket charging their devices! Damn it. All changed since my last school trip 5 years ago. Back then in very early Facebook days there were less devices and less need to be in contact with the world all the time!
The coach picks me up after half hour and I finally meet my group. Lovely children, quite posh. Staff nice and friendly. Ski leader has not run a trip before so at least no huge expectations of me. Her husband has though! Feeling better now I’m on the coach.
Never been on euroshuttle so very exciting. So quick too, and we find out after that Dover is shut so ferry crossings there delayed by 12 hours! Traffic backed up the M4! Soooo lucky! The coach had its own cabin although all you can do is wander to the toilets and back. I press the button and wait for door to open. Nope you have to push it. What an idiot in front of the kids!!
The kids all have ski jumpers, love a school ski trip, great camaraderie. However kids do ask ridiculous questions. Now this question was before we’d got off the bus at all. ‘Miss I keep forgetting they use euros here’. When are you forgetting? You’ve not used any?
‘I have to clean my teeth due to my braces’, this was said 4 times in 5 minutes! Do we need to know?
One child constantly talking about death. Nice! The sweetest very camp boy sitting with the girls, with his hand sanitiser for everyone. He’s like the mother hen with his thoughts, ‘Shall we take this opportunity to pack up some things!?’
First stop in France loads of snow. Yay! But no toilet seats. Visions of Peru again! Get to counter to order a drink. Oh no! My French has completely deserted me. I can only think of Spanish!’
My phone is not working though!! Damn Virgin. Spend this first stop using free wifi to find a contact number, with no luck. Not good when you’re a rep and need to contact resort reps etc!
I get a decent amount of sleep with my double seat to myself, although such a numb bum! Kids around talking through the night so clearly struggling. They tell me I looked so comfy and slept so much! It’s because I’m bloody knackered from working 5 weeks in a row!! I mean that’s so hard! Lol!
Breakfast in Italy, can at least use my Spanglish! And they have self cleaning toilets how nice! I’m such a weirdo!
Journey goes quick, couple of movies. More sleep. Call the resort rep from colleagues phone, so get some info for group. We are one of the few schools on time. Others due in resort tomorrow morning! She asks if the other rep is with me. Nope should they be? Yes apparently! As we near the resort the kids quotes get weirder!
I’m videoing the drive up the mountain, it’s exciting. Boy behind, But it’s jut a road and rocks?
Look there’s a ski lift, ‘no it’s a power line.’ What if a tree went through the window and poked you in the eye?
We’ve just gone round in a circle, that’s called a roundabout!! Kids hey. Testing our patience on little sleep!
We arrive at hotel. Nice enough. My room is tiny but all mine! It has bunk beds and the top one is made up? Why would you chose top in your own room? I have to head straight out to get lift passes and arrange ski hire. 60 kids through that’ll be fun!
Actually it was not to bad. I got lovely skis as well. Result! En route back there are kids strewn in the snow, so funny. They can’t carry equipment so kind of collapse.
I’ve decided the lead teacher is nice enough but doesn’t smile that much! Looks a bit like a mad red haired witch, very expressive eyebrows! A bit cruella deville like with her facial expressions.
It’s weird not being in charge. You want to do things your own way but have to step back! She asks kids what rooms they want,what ski group to be in? I’d of sorted it myself! No right or wrong mind.
Dinner is nice. Pasta and meat and chips! Going to get fat! Get to chat to all staff at dinner. Two pe staff old and young. German teacher looks a bit like a young Maggie smith. IT teacher, very bubbly, history teacher talks a lot and accentuates the last word in a sentence and maths teacher with her hubby.
I head to bed early as knackered! But skiing tomorrow, yay!


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