First days skiing

It’s bloody Raining! Never skied in rain before. All bright and bubbly kids and staff though. Get to slopes and the usual kids can’t put skis on. Dropping gloves everywhere. But we do get to lessons on time. I go between groups and free ski. Bloody freezing at top of one lift and can’t see 10 m in front! Scary!
Groups progress fast though, off nursery slope quick, apart from ‘the puddings’ as the lead teacher calls them.
It gets to lunch and I’m knackered, the busy week has caught up with me so have a sleep and go late to arvo! Still raining, miserable!
There are the usual girls dressing to impress on the slopes and we have 2 lovely girls who are very glam. One with a white coat (you soon learn this is a mistake) and the other in white trousers and gloves (even worse mistake). The white gloved girl cuts her hand somehow and her glove is covered in blood. This then wipes onto her trousers and she must of skied into her friend as she has a bloody mark on the back of her white coat! Nice!!
The school awards div of the day. Young pe teacher gets it first, can’t remember why. First pupil to gain award is the slightly annoying year 9 boy who said he could ski so was in top group, however dropped all his ski gear walking constantly. He tried to put skis on backwards then kept falling over. Was consequently moved groups!!
We returned to the hotel to find a dog running reception. So funny. It’s a white boxer, he is the loveliest brute ever!
Get a call from ski company, the elusive rep who should of been onto coach is AWOL so there’s a school with no rep! I have to rep both where poss. And my phone won’t work in half of bloody Europe! Crappy virgin!
I go meet the other school and they seem ok! Have offered to make up town trail for them! And loan karaoke DVD from my school.
We have bingo arranged, the young pe teacher is in charge and has the most amusing and bizarre sayings;
it’s Winnie the pooh 42
The man had a 9ft shoe it’s 32
The crowds favourite number 3?
So funny, a good laugh.
Huge group of Hungarians at hotel now. Very loud. Another group no idea of nationality playing live music upstairs, quite church like. No quite time for me now!
Storm in the night, never had such awful weather on a ski trip! Awoken by Hungarian music. They blast it out to wake kids up! Lazy gits, just go and knock on doors.
So loud in hotel now it’s busy.
The weather is bloody ridiculous. Can’t see 5m in front of you today. Get to slopes and instructors explain it’s very dangerous, only doing same slopes over and over.
All groups make it off nursery slope, result! Not fun skiing though due to slush and lack of visibility. I head over to meet other school at start of their afternoon lessons. No one there? Must be in wrong place.
I decide I would rather sleep than ski in slushy snow so don’t go out in arvo. Do however go to give other group town trail, check they’re ok and buy some wine for staff at dinner. White wine looks weird, and only one choice! Ah well, it’s the thought that counts.
White wine tasted lovely! Sparkling almost. Karaoke this evening in the disco room. I took a selfie with the music controls and hotel organiser not happy! Thought I was fiddling with sound system. Oops. Kids were fab. Loads got up in groups. No one singing alone so no pressure! Good fun. Div of the day today was a boy for wiping out 6 other pupils in a massive domino effect!
Old pe teacher on the drinks tonight. Has drink in his room so has had a fair few. We all try bombadino a local drink. Quite nice, warm amaretto with cream!
Next morning the sun is shining!! Hoorah. At breakfast chat to bus drivers. I have the feeling the fat one (there always seems to be a fat one) fancies me. Keeps giving me funny looks. I’ve got an ex husband from a drunken ski affair, never again!
I ski with top group, manage to wipe out three kids though after a race down the hill as ski instructor cuts me up and so I had nowhere to go but over his skis, onto kids skis and save myself of course!! Oh yes and it’s on video!
I ski off to meet other group and on one lift a small child appears next to me in the queue and puts arm out, I guessed this meant I had to help her onto the lift! On she hops with my assistance and we sit in silence!
At the top of the mountain the view is immense. I stop for lunch just to admire it. Ski through rest of lunch until I meet groups. Getting slushy so tougher skiing. One girl hurts her ankle falling. Ski instructor checks her boots and has a paddy because they aren’t done up properly! He sends her to doctor. As female adult I have to go. But what a bonus, we go on a snowmobile, yay!!!! Just a sprain. Nothing major at all just a panicked instructor.
Another rep drives over to check on me today, very fit young Venezuelan. Nice! Although the hotel manager has a good old flirt with him! After a couple of hours in his company it’s pizza time! First it’s div of the day. Lots of nominations, including me for my wipeout! Very pleased I didn’t get it! Kids order a very bizarre chips on pizza option. Random! Staff drink far too much, but good banter, and I stay up beyond 11pm result!! (Such a lightweight!). My favourite comment of the night is from history teacher. She’s discussing how the group were progressing but then said there were foetuses and embryos whizzing past in skis showing her up!! So funny!


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