Bloody Global Warming

I awake to torrential rain, oh and don’t forget the proxy Hungarian wake up music! May as well be in bloody England although I hear it’s quite nice there at the moment. At breakfast the Hungarians show their rudeness again and take the last jug of fruit juice to their table. Bloody durmstrang! ‘Injured’ girl continues to make the most of her injury. Sock off at breakfast so all can see her bandage. Limps if staff are watching, doesn’t when she thinks we aren’t! Won’t ski until doctor says she can. So we persuade her that old pe teacher who is first aid trained can check her ankle. He convinces her it’s fine and she should ski tomorrow. Not swollen any more. Staff deliberate whether to ski or not due to awful weather but we head out. Snow quite good just clothes get bloody wet through. I sit on chair lift and by the end I have wet thermals. Gloves aren’t waterproof either. So after 10 minutes soaked. One child has an 80’s ski suit. Not waterproof at all anymore, poor girl.
Glad we skied for the morning as it was ok, mountain closes at 1pm though. No other silly buggers are on it, so no afternoon skiing for us. Instructors want to come and give some theory lessons but trip leader says no. I sleep all afternoon! Even through the storm we have again. This weather is ridiculous!
Miss group picture, never mind. A few other staff sleep too whilst movie is put on for pupils.
I get an invite into pe boys room for a grapo? Weird fruity shot but ok! Quiz in evening, pupils quite enjoy it. I chat to mr maths teacher, nice bloke. Gives me some Europe travel tips! Div of the day goes to a pupil who dropped her poles off the ski lift. ‘Injured’ girls room mates moaning at her as she’s faking injury! So obvious even kids have noticed!
In the bar we spot pupils out of bed, getting a drink at 11pm??
‘Injured’ girl appears! Now her turrets is playing up and girls are moaning at her. And her ankles so sore it’s making turrets worse? I have no time for this and think it’s all attention seeking! But staff have to humour her but also call her mum and get her on side!
Staff discuss random school stories. One parent emailed the history teacher to say home time is family time so setting homework is against their human rights otherwise they couldn’t spend time as a family!? WTH I have never heard anything so ridiculous!!
The rainfall has turned to snow so hopefully fab skiing tomorrow!
We wake to some awesome scenery, the snow worked its magic! I’m heading out on an early ski to make the most of it. Mr and new maths go early to with mr trip leader. As I get to lifts I spot the maths pair. Mr maths has pulled hamstring on lift. Poor bloke. It’s a travellator and his skis slipped and got caught. I ski on with mr trip leader. Good ski. On the lifts though mr ski leader gets a big dump of snow land on him. Goes down his neck! Snows quite sticky, not confident! Mr trip leader falls but ok.
Its race morning. We get a practice and young pe fell twice in front of all
I think I’m quote fast although haven’t gone he’ll for leather. Last race I did I had to beat my staff. Today not so much pride at stake! I have decided the other ski party leader is doctor Gillian!!
I ski through lunch to and see other ski group a lot. Moany girls at lunch from other school. Why aren’t staff with us this afternoon? My legs so sore? I’m tired? Bore off girls!
First day I’ve not felt completely in control! Tough skiing in slushy powder. Some other staff ski over lunch too. History teacher and pe teachers. Old pe teacher quite confident so takes them to a new slope. As lift gets steep they realise it’s too hard so try to stay on lift to come down. Lift operator goes nuts and makes them get off! They have to walk part of the way down the mountain! But survive.
6 hours of skiing has done me in, after skiing early and through lunch, legs knackered so have a cheeky hot chocolate to get some energy and catch group up later?
Continued skiing and joined other groups instead. Fab day skiing.
Rushed evening as torchlight show, presentation and disco. I go down ready for torchlight to find out school isn’t going, too much to fit in. Oh well, get to chill for a bit. Presentation fun, all instructors come to hotel. I wasn’t fastest slalom, damn it!! Third though. Girl pupil won, young pe teacher second! Ah well, I’ll take that.
Off to disco, bit of a walk and onto the slope. Some rather drunk people outside but I head in to see what’s happening. In that 3 mins I was gone the drunks were dancing with our pupils, touching their faces and actually smoking marihuana! We think they’re just stoned so unaware how weird it is, but quick exit! The most inappropriate children’s disco ever. One very unhappy group leader. Girls overreacting to what actually happened, panic attacks, visions of drunkeness, sickness apparently! Guess who said they were sick with stress!? Oh yes injured girl, who had turrets last night injured ankle day before too. We did eventually laugh about it. The year 8 girls were the ones saying they had been touched, or he men went to kiss them (we believe they were leaning in to chat as music was so loud) and were high from the marihuana! (As you do when about 10 metres away from smokers for 5 minutes). Our view was as if grown men would pick the shortest, geekiest girls when there are very attractive sixth formers about. I mean I know a short pale looking girl with a limp (injury) is attractive! At this point the group leader did laugh and told me I was funny and she doesn’t blame me, and thanks. She did properly stress over the ramifications though.
It calms down for a while or so we thought! Whilst I was happily sleeping two more girls were hysterical! Group leader had to cope until 12.30am!! The joys of being a group leader hey!


One thought on “Bloody Global Warming

  1. tina gabriel says:

    hi Sam how ya doing just had time today to read your latest blog god you make me laugh keep them coming they well good to read specially after the stressfull last few days ive had x

    tina gabriel Date: Sat, 22 Feb 2014 13:22:38 +0000 To:

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