Last days of ‘work’ camp with lots of excursions

So in Iceland the norm for mothers with their babies is to leave them in their pram outside shops, restaurants, churches etc. in England social services would be called!! It’s bloody freezing outside, but they are wrapped up in the cutest woolly and furry hats! Maybe it makes them stronger learning to be left alone with the sounds of the world around!!
It’s nice to see that a lot of Icelands shops are closed on Sundays, good!! We don’t need to shop every day, more of the world should shut up shop on Sundays! Family time, go outdoors and get fresh air!
I bought myself a souvenir, a mug (I tend to get one wherever I travel) to learn that weird volcano name, eyafjallakull. I can now say it, such a useful word!! I feel more educated for this skill!
The house is starting to annoy me at times. It’s like being a student again, mess everywhere, tidying it only lasts until someone gets up!! And as in most group living situations not everyone pulls their weight. I mean how hard is it after having a cup of coffee to wash your cup up? Some can’t even be bothered to put their cup in the sink?? There’s coats, bags, hair dryers lying around the lounge! I so couldn’t be a student again!
On the plus side you do get used to the bathroom not being at your disposal constantly, and the sofas which are pretty old and rough looking, you kind of accept and use. On my first day I looked at them and immediately sat on a chair instead!
So it’s one of our five free days in a row and I have an excursion tomorrow. Not good when you’re kept awake by sick pixie, who’s screaming and throwing up for a good hour or so, and her restless leg less husband also moaning in pain.
I try to sleep but can’t so put on a movie to block out the noises! I find out in the morning that mini oprah couldn’t sleep so she was trying to watch my movie from her bed and make her own words up, but it was jut at the wrong angle to fully see!
I get picked up for my trip bright and early and get told to wait in the reception area. That I do. Quick Facebook update to gloat that I’m having fun when teachers are back to work today! Ha ha! Then the gloating came back to bite my arse, as I’m sat in waiting area, after 40 mins no one came to get me. So I go and check and I’ve missed the bloody bus!! Not happy! I should of ‘checked in’ apparently. I can get the next bus in an hour and a half though! That’s a wasted lay in!
Anyway I go and use free wifi at hostel and bag a free cuppa! I do like my cup of tea. I chill out and head back an hour later. There is the most annoying Korean girl in waiting area! Talking so loud and fast, and the bad news is she’s on my coach! Aaahhhh. Then her and her friends, a group of 4, take up 4 double seats. How bloody rude, and sat right behind me so I have that annoying voice in my ear all the way. She’s harping on about ‘I’ll marry but maybe not for true love but maybe money as that’s a factor!’ What??
I try to read my book but her voice is one that you can’t ignore. She then starts saying how ‘you have to wait until men are attracted to you, then you can choose the best one, luckily I attract lots of men!’ How lovely for her!!! She gets to pick the richest one who is probably fairly easy on the eye too! It’s like a chat show on relationships!
I fell asleep for 20 mins and when I wake up she’s still at it!
Dropped off at blue lagoon and mini bus there to pick me up. Just me! Straight into quad bike gear, safety chat and off. Bloody freezing and windy! Good fun though. Some snow, lots of ice and volcanic soil. Beautiful sights. Try to take pictures but my fingers are so cold it’s a tad hard! We eventually stop and guide takes pic for me. Wish he’d stop more often and discuss sights etc there were ship wrecks and various rock formations, but also will be glad to get back and warm up! Think I could of saved myself £20 by not paying the single person fee upfront as can’t argue if I’m the only one? Off to caving, looking forward to seeing the volcanic rock formations. How disappointing. Lasted 20min, crawl a bit but go about 25 m into cave and back out. My helmet doesn’t fit and keeps sliding off, light not great so can’t see much and he doesn’t talk about how cave was formed or anything. We did go pitch black for a moment though just to experience it. Wish I’d chosen another company, I got talked around by cheaper price!
Get dropped off at blue lagoon, too expensive to go again but see the lagoon next to pool as it’s daylight and take some photos. Beautiful! The volunteer group are there so I go looking for them. Can’t find them? Thought I’d see leg less in cafe seeing as he can’t swim!
Head back to coach, all quiet whilst we wait, enjoying my book. Then that bloody Korean women and her group get on. Damn it!! Peace broken. Fortunately the hot swim has tired her out and she talks for just 5 mins. Yes!
Today is 6th jan and the day the Icelanders celebrate the naughty Yule lads leaving. It’s their Santa Claus. Should be fireworks displays again as the last day fireworks are allowed in Iceland. 5 of us go out to see them along the shoreline. Fireworks were a let down, thought there would be lots to see. A few all around but nothing special, but nice trip out with leg less. I volunteered to push again, good work out. When pixie took over she injured him by hitting his leg on the ice when there was a bump in the road. Poor lad. I took over again like mother hen!
A lot of the volunteers are students and chatty wifi has assignments due so she stayed in an slept on sofa. Don’t miss the assignment days. She must of kept waking in the night to work then sleep again.
I had a response from my email complaint regarding the ‘work’ amp! They are still saying that info sheet says discussions!! I try and explain again that we all brought work clothes and when you look online at volunteer in Iceland it talks about projects! How can you have a volunteering project and work camp that is neither working or volunteering! We shall see what their response is!
Another free day and it’s Golden circle tour time!
Lucky lots of us are awake as chatty wifi sets off smoke alarm cooking breakfast! Then leaves all her dirty pans etc in the sink for someone else to wash up. So rude!
I’m being mother hen again! Sorting out the youngsters with their lunches! They didn’t realise they may not have a chance to get lunch out in tour.
We leave on time for once yay and that’s with two of the bathroom hoggers!
On route to pick up more people we pass a school. Seems weird seeing kids at desks when it’s pitch black outside. Do I miss teaching? Yep, but still glad I quit for the year!
Just reindeer, quiet wifi and me from our camp. Meet volunteers from photo camp that also runs in Iceland. They do actually do some work though! They are mostly students, I’d of been oldest by far so pleased I didn’t do that camp! In the minibus the radio music is like radio 2! Old British songs, quite fun, oo a diddy diddy dumb diddy do!
First stop is volcanic crater. Seen it already on previous trip but still awesome. Walked whole way round this time. Stopped to do a snow angel beside crater as you do! Next stop was geysir, the hot water shooting in the air. Amazing to see, kind of scary first time as looks like it will fall on you! Quiet wifi screamed!
Then onto golden waterfall gulfoss. Absolutely stunning. Can’t go down to waters edge in winter but just awesome. The shapes the frozen water has created are amazing. Finally we go to the tectonic plate boundary. I get all geekily excited again! You can see where I scuba dived as buses parked across water and snorkelers can be seen. Cool to see. Not sure what I thought a tectonic boundary would look like but maybe more obvious than it is! Still the fact we are looking at some 10,000 and others 2,000 year old lava formations was pretty cool.
Just as well I organised my ‘children’ for lunches today as hardly had time to buy anything. When we did spend time in first shop we were late for meet! Ah well, no rush needed, we should enjoy the scenery!
Good day all round.
It’s our last night of ‘work’ camp so lots of leaders and volunteers about. We thought chatty wifi was cooking for everyone but she just cooked for one, ivana who is also leaving. Bit cheeky if you ask me. The leaders bought a whole lamb so she could cook this meal! We did get to try it though.
We’re all playing the card and music games again and no sign of wifi girls? They’ve gone to bed but ask to be woken up for dinner. The cheek after cooking for one. One of them is supposed to cook with me anyway! Luckily ivana has made garlic bread so I make some salad, we’ve lived off it so only seems right to finish on it! Chatty wifi doesn’t wake up though! Ah well more for us!
We made the mistake of heading to local hostel to listen to live music. It was a jazz band, no singer and everyone just sat on wifi! Not a sociable end to the camp. Pixie and me came back as bored, and played cards instead. Much more sociable. Shame the camp ended like this but I’ve met some lovely people who I hope to keep on contact with, and I have 2 more days!!







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