Beautiful Icelanders and eating shark meat!

Looking forward to some of he excursions over the next few days. Geo pool sounds very interesting so get ready sharpish, but we end up leaving half hour late for geo pool as wifi and dasher not ready as usual! It meant we missed the bus so I wanted to walk rather than wait for 30 minutes. Unfortunately it was further than expected? Very icy! It’s ok though as in Iceland you learn to do the penguin shuffle! Very useful and much safer than walking normally!
Pixie put leg less on a bus and we took his wheelchair with us for the 45 min walk. I took over as had the crampons on. Nice to get fresh air and see the city. We passed the hotel I was going to stay at, the expensive one. Good decision not to as good half hour walk from town if not further!!
We picked up leg less at bus stop but still another ten minutes walk. I push him, yes I get to volunteer for something!! Harder than it looks pushing a wheelchair. Geo beach fab. Outside hot spring with sea and mountain view. Lots of nutty Icelanders with gloves, hats and swim socks swimming in the sea. It’s only 2 degrees! And they head off for a good 10 min swim at least. We did however run across beach to the cold pool and swim briefly in the slightly warmer 4 degree water. It is bloody cold, can’t feel your feet when you run back. Then get pins and needles in hot water. Good fun though, despite what it sounds like. And I did it twice. Chatty wifi has come to geo pool which was nice as we don’t chat much to her.
After relaxing we split up and 4 of us go to ‘the pearl’ pearlon. Beautiful views, walk there very icy though. And my bloody crampon broke! Damn it! Ok more penguin shuffle. We have lunch there, enjoy the sunset, chat then head off. It’s so icy I decide to slide on my bum down, much more fun. Now we all join in and look daft so you’d have to laugh at us. But we pass a man who just ignores our hellos and smiles? Very unIcelandic!
We get back to town and I go off to book my last excursions. Glacier walks, caving and quad biking! Yes.
Back at home not much happening, people asleep on sofa. Power naps before night out. We eventually go out at 10.30, half hour late again. Yes due to wifi chatty and reindeer. I ask reindeer if she is ready, yes yes! Erm no no it seems. Poor Spanish dude who’s organised the night is stressing we won’t get a seat at the gig! When we get there no worries, not busy. Gig is a dj set not an actual gig. We get free shots, and why not hey. I buy an expensive cider. £5.50 in a bar for a small bottle. There is no getting drunk in Iceland unless you don’t want to eat for a month after.
Wifi and dasher on wifi all night, I genuinely don’t understand the need to sit on wifi so much, especially when out socialising. They don’t speak to us hardly at all?
Some of us headed to a cheaper bar for a few, Ivana fell out door, so funny! I try and make a shandy with cheap beer, but they don’t sell lemonade at the bar? What on earth! What kind of bar is this?
Table football in the corner so we have a go, I start good but then others get better. And my confidence is broken. Good fun though.
I tried drinking the beer but it is not good! Waste of £2.60!
Ivana and dancer say hi to a polish friend and he joins us for table football then they leave me with him! And go home to bed! The cheek!
I give up with beer and head back to first bar, have another cider. Wifi pair still going strong on internet! Pixie and I get bored of sitting around so head onwards to find dancing. End up back at New Year’s Eve bar, very young and trendy in there but stay and dance. Feel frumpy and old! Now on a night that in dressed up I don’t feel attractive but here in my veg out clothes I’m even less sexy. How on earth can I pull my future Icelandic husband hey?? There’s an English man dancing around all the women, he’s wearing his wedding ring!, behaving like a peacock, puffing chest out, weird dance moves, looks like a prize idiot. So pleased he’s English, looks so good for us Brits!
Club drinks same price as pub? Now £5.50 in a club is expected?
All the beautiful people come out at 1am, feel even more ugly to add to frumpy and old! Locals all dressed up, tourists in sensible shoes and warm clothes! You can spot the difference a mile off.
Gets very busy at 2am and no manners when barging past. Pixie gets poked in the eye with a straw. Now there’s no need to ignore the short people just because you can’t see them! I get that maybe straw was at head height though? But no apology from girl. Getting a bit annoying so call it a night!
First 2 home, it’s 2.30 and reykjavik is just awakening!!
After some very late nights and some (weasley the party girl) not sleeping the 11am meet for sightseeing doesn’t happen. We eventually organise ourselves to go swimming in another pool, then onto flea market and recycling centre. Pool has a diving board, oh yes, up I go jumping and diving like a kid! I like to show off until
Someone better comes along! Outdoor hot springs to relax in, lovely. Try the sauna too but only manage 5 mins. Pixie and duck face came to pool me and ivana and dancer join later.
Pixie, duck face and I head on to pick up quiet wifi and reindeer from wifi place! And go to flea market. It’s really just a car boot sale undercover. Buy nothing except shark meat! We all try it. Pretty rank to be honest! But have tried it. Recycling centre is a drive through, sad to see Christmas trees in in corner dying. I feel like phoebe from friend wanting them to have more life! Lol!
I make group stop at famous hot dog stall, Bill Clinton has eaten there. Nice hot dog, although £6 for food and drink!
My turn to cook. So sick of salad, so cook pasta. It’s like I’m a master chef as everyone so thankful for food other than salad.
We have an evaluation of the ‘work’ camp as leaders have seen my blog. Good to let them know our views. I think they don’t understand our train of thought. We all were led to believe we’d be volunteering and working! They say there is no work in winter? At least we shared our views. I like our leader ivana, she’s very funny! And dancer too, love the way they speak English. Have realised Russians are moody and harsh looking like I thought. Very friendly, funny and attractive!
We decide to try for northern lights again and walk to lighthouse. It’s an hour speed walking! I got a nice facial on the way from the sea water spraying in my face. We get there and no lights! So hitchhike back. Bit scary but apparently fine in Iceland. We are waving at any car moving, most ignore us so we walk in the road and stop a car. The driver is a nice Moroccan man. He takes all 5 of us. Feels like I’m in Peru again! Crazy taxi! Nice chatty man and drops us in town, bless. Tired feet from that walk! So early night.





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