Start of 2014 in Iceland

After going to bed at 4am a lay in until 10.30 was sufficient enough. Not much planned today so was rather bored in the morning mooching around. Started the new year off with a moan and e mailed the 2 volunteer companies this ‘work camp’ is run by to say this is not volunteering of any sorts and I’m disappointed! Not sure it’ll do any good as they have my money already! But still! Work camp?? More like free time camp!
The rest of the day was great. Three leaders and two volunteers pixie and me went to outdoor swimming pool. Wifi chatty fell over at northern lights so is sleeping. Reindeer can’t swim. Others just boring? They will probably go to use bloody wifi all day? I know there’s cultural differences around the world but I’ve never known people need wifi so much as wifi girls and not socialise. Headed to the local pool, nice 45 min walk well skate at times on ice, then hot springs of different temperatures, slides, 50m Pool. Love love love it!
The bizarrest thing at the pool is you have to wash naked before and after swimming and there’s a lady on look out for those who don’t! She’s goes over to tell you off if you don’t wash properly. I am scarred for life by the naked sights I saw!!
The pools are awesome, could happily train for triathlon out there! Gorgeous views. And I become a big kid again on the slide. Could spend hours there, Breaking the rules by going forwards although have to grab bikini upon entrance as flashing the world otherwise!
What a Fab New Years afternoon. After turning into prunes we head out, through the naked shower party! And back to house. Leaders are pretty knackered so luckily all volunteers have booked a northern lights tour as forecast is good for the evening. I’m with leg less and pixie on large coach. I ummed and arrred about a more expensive tour to include caving, lobster dinner and 4×4, but decided to save money, 1/4 of the price and pleased pixie and leg jess joined me so it’s more sociable. We get picked up from local hotel, coach empty to begin with but soon fills. Must be a popular evening. I end up sitting next to a Chinese girl and behind some smelly men!! Nice! Leaving main depot there must of been 8 coaches full just from this company, I reckon over 1500 people hunting the lights tonight. After 10 mins on coach the northern lights appear. Fantastic. We get off bus twice to see them. Absolutely amazing, my camera is crap for this kind of thing but my memory lives on!! What an end to New Year’s Day! Home before midnight and chat to others who also saw the lights. Wifi chatty has best camera so will steal her pictures!!
Second of January was the only day that looked like we might do some work, bug alas no, just visiting a disabled adults home.
Late leaving as reindeer and wifi chatty in bathroom for an hour between them so noone else could go in! If you have a 9am start its bloody rude to spend half hour in the bathroom at 8.30! Then they and wifi quiet still aren’t quite ready when we are all waiting either. So annoying! Leave 45 mins late. Pixie and i just glare amused at each other!
The house is fascinating though, we watch a movie of the story of the founder lady and all the government shit she went through. Typical governments, hated and hounded her, then loved her when she succeeded!
Slightly uncomfortable hearing the movie use the words retard and idiot for disabled people. Idiot is the old term and just referenced but they still use the term retard to describe the inhabitants in the movie. Different cultural language I suppose? Met some inhabitants who were doing their arts and crafts. Lovely and talented! Gutted the shop wasn’t open as I’d have bought some items. Pottery, art, wood work, textiles, all amazing. Tried speaking some icelandic but failed as lady said good afternoon to us and I said bye! Mini oprah wetting herself laughing! Saw pregnant fish in the pond, which dancer was fascinated by! Not sure she has ever seen before.
Saw a volcanic crater on route, love it. In my element with all the plate tectonics.
In the afternoon we played my music game name that tune. I’ll explain how it works. In teams, nominate someone to play the tune, pick a card which has three choices, easy to hard on. The fact no one else is British makes most hard. I tried neighbours, eastenders and match of the day. No one knew any if them! Ivana was hilarious, couldn’t use the wazoo and tried so hard to hum no woman no cry. We were in stitches as it sounded nothing like it! She even tried saying the words subtly but made it worse. Good fun. We go around the house humming the song to her constantly now. Went to cinema to see Alan partridge film. Not a fan but quite funny. Very British humour. Ivana ‘I not understand, too quick’, so left after 10 minutes! On to concert after but cancelled! Rubbish. So two days into 2014 and had good fun so far.




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