Volunteering? And New Year’s Eve in Iceland!

Not the greatest sleep. Others wake early and hard to sleep.
Then when I need toilet chatty wifi is in bathroom for half hour! Wake up to leg less and pixie heading to hospital?
Find out he’s broken his leg slipping in ice!
Group work in morning, and rota for cooking is complete and I’m on it again! No shopping in yet so not much food, decide on soup! Forgot stock until end then burnt arm from blender lid popping off. Not a great start.
Afternoon we start late so no junk house which sounded interesting instead walk to church and frozen lake that we can walk on. Nice to see sights.
Following he broken leg I’m wearing cramps on shoes from now on!
Evening food shop arrived but still not great food, none of us experts it seems!! Scrambled eggs and salad. Lots of salad this week I feel!
Evening is games again. Ivana very funny with Russian sounding accent! Weasley crap at games but so funny. Trying to play happy families and accents from around the world saying mr peel and mr pill very confusing!
At any opportunity wifi girls go to hostel over road to get wifi! The modern world hey.
Sleep better second night.
Tiny oprah out until late, she’s a party dude!
Realising there’s not much volunteering it’s all bloody discussions! Pleased to be in Iceland but not actually helping anyone.
Over the first couple of days we learn which of our country’s are ecological! Make wallets from milk cartons and discuss recycling! Whoop whoop!
The wifi girls take forever in the bathroom so we are forever queuing to use the toilet! The naturally heated water becomes an issue when you want to use cold water on your face and it’s boiling!
We spent one evening watching a local band playing in a bar, very Indy! The boy was about 24 and has a fetching comb over! What on earth?? The girl singer has no emotion and just glares at the audience. The bass guitarist moves his whole body for each note played. We head onto cinema after. It’s free! And get to see 3D gravity. Same as Apollo 13 with a few tweaks! But glad to see it.
So New Year’s Eve. We start late as usual, then learn happy new year in each other’s language. Free time for most of day to allow us to cook for international night. I do some roasties although forget to boil first until a bit too late. Oops! Lucky I brought dessert of Christmas pudding! We have a lovely mix, Spanish omelette, Portuguese salad, Belarusian beetroot, icelandic lamb, Korean pancakes! No one tried my roasties apart from me :-(! Lol
It’s nice to celebrate 4 New Years, as each time someone’s country is at midnight we drink and clap! At South African new year I bring out the Christmas pudding and light it! Not enough brandy donated by my dad (I brought some in a bottle from home) so we use vodka. They love it!! Yay, although I use too much and it’s on fire for ages!
We play charades, very amusing when it ivana humpalot has gynaecologist to mime. Wifi girls drink baileys and milk, as a non baileys drinker that looks weird but maybe not?
We head to fireworks display and it is mad. Fireworks everywhere you look. The church display is awesome, we have a bottle of bubbly to drink out of mugs, such class! Then random people bring own fireworks and set them off. Some in the road, irrelevant of the cars, madness! Fireworks are banned all year except the 2 weeks of Christmas so they make the most. Then off to party. English pub first. I love it as can sing along, but no dancing and the others want to dance so head out. Dancing bar good, English music we can dance too. Generally full of young people or couples so no chance of a New Years snog. Drunk young Scotsman falling over, trying to pull dancer but can’t actually stand still to talk. American girl crying she’s so drunk, eventually she throws up outside and gets put in cab. Scotsman gets chucked out and flashes the truth under the kilt to cars outside. Some scantily clad girls walk in and we all stare. Are we jealous or bitchy???? We head to another bar, it’s already 2.30. Lose a few of the group though and ends up being just dancer and me. Into a fairly famous bar? Dancer lives upto name as she gets dancing with African man immediately then an Iranian who I ignore then latches on to her and invites the geekiest friends over who start ogling me. Erm no!! Then a fat bearded man starts gyrating me. Erm more than no!! We decide it’s too weird and leave! 3am ready for bed! The streets are still busy, fireworks still going off. Police arrive at a shop with broken window. Am I in London?
Back to hostel and reindeer and wifi girls still up. So we chat for an hour. Lovely new year in reykjavik!


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