Exploring the capital and relaxing in the lagoon

The darkness until midday is useful when you want a lay in, didn’t stir until 9am when the charming cathedral bells chimed, then as I was trying to doze every 15min off they go again! But managed some form of sleep until 11.30 when I thought I ought to get up!! Feel zonked though. No food in but make a cup of camomile tea that I brought with me and then head off to see the city. There’s a place with the Beatles famous pose walking across the road, cool! I see an excursions place so pop in and see what I could do today. Silly to waste time whilst free. So many options! Could head off to golden circle in half hour but decide not to rush and plan more. Take lots of info and head onwards. Head to seafront. Beautiful scenery, no idea how their traffic lights work, so with traffic stopped, head across but damn them they start up and nearly get run over as I jog across the ice!
Ask a nice American to take a pic for me, then carry on walking. Random Viking boat sculpture but looks cool, especially with snowy mountains in background. However not with man taking a million pictures in the bloomin way! He eventually moves so I can get a pic. Head on again and find the amazing theatre. Realise I’ve not had breakfast so head in for a drink and nibble, thinking it’d be extortionate as that’s what I’ve been told. Think I work it out at £3.50 for tea and roll. Nice!
Check out all info and decide on northern lights tonight if they go, (they decide at 5ish each day) scuba diving tomorrow if back before 4 as have volunteer meeting at 6. Finally golden circle/volcanoes tour later in stay as well as blue lagoon. Also decide to find the volcano house and watch their movie as I love plate tectonics. Geek girl here!! Use the facilities before heading on, I just can’t get enough appreciation for nice toilets after Peru. Delightful!! (Sad you may think but after those holes in the ground I am eternally grateful).
I continue to ice walk along the seafront, now in the UK we’d be suing councils for the state if the paths. Here you just bloody walk, and generally don’t fear falling. It’s like its safer ice over here!
I find the volcano house and book my ticket, have a bit of a wait but have a hot chocolate in the meantime. Christmas tunes playing, yay! I hate the fact back home after Boxing Day, well in fact from Boxing Day the shops etc stop all Christmas music, some even take decorations down. Miserable! Here it’s celebrated until 6th jan. Fab! I read up on traditions and the icelandics have 13 trolls that visit with gifts and scare children too! Also Christmas is celebrated from 12th dec until 6th jan and they used to not have any songs or decorations up before December but recently as with the world October is the new December. And as with a lot of Europe dec 24th is the big day. Nice to understand others traditions. Head into movie and technical difficulties meant a 15 min delay, but fascinating when working. Mother Nature at its best and worst!
We get offered free food as compensation, oh yes please!
Head back to book excursions via town. Pretty! No Northern lights tonight too cloudy so blue lagoon instead! Scuba diving booked for tomorrow. Going to freeze! But can’t wait. Need to find a convenience store for milk and bread but find a weird shop/cafe? Sells milk though so can have a cuppa. They speak I me in Icelandic, must look local! Decided my apartment for one is quite nice, peaceful, can do my own thing and own bathroom so lots of positives!
Whilst chilling I work out how much I’ve paid for excursions, my original calculations were wrong! Tea and roll actually £5, trips much more than I’d worked out, oops. Ah well I can eat beans on toast for a month or three!
Head off to get minibus. Can’t get it from my lodgings as noones heard of it!! So off round the corner. Get picked up easily enough but then dropped off at bus depot for a 20 min wait. If I’d known I’ve of brought my book. Big bus then takes us to blue lagoon via some hotels. One called northern lights, wonder if they see them often from hotel? Now I get all excited when I see these steam flumes and pretty coloured lights thinking it’s the lagoon, no it’s the thermal plant! Lol. Pretty though. Blue lagoon awesome, you can see steam from far away. Bit of a maze to get to it from bus drop though. Walk, through doors, through queue barriers, get tag, through doors, find an open changing room, find free locker, find exit to lagoon! I started walking back out, oops. It’s so hot when you get in, lush! Float about, have the mud facial, get a green smoothie, go around the whole lagoon some places are empty for a reason I realise. It’s to bloody hot! Burning me! Lovely though, although a storm begins and it’s less peaceful when water splashing over you like the tidal waves. Lots of couples around, bit depressing. Where’s my knight!
After 2 facials and over an hour and a half, prunified me gets out. There’s naked women with their bits out everywhere! Feel like a prude so join them! I head out to wait for coach and have a drink and sandwich. Have decided Iceland is good for post Christmas. If you eat here you can’t afford to eat in England for a month or so, or you starve here and save money!
Head for bus and it’s snowing. Yay! Proper snow too, covers floor in minutes. Although is that good weather for scuba diving tomorrow??
I couldn’t remember my hotel name so get dropped of in the snow at the church. Lucky this snow and ice is special non slip!!
Google what to wear for dry suit scuba diving. Swim wear? Apparently not, thermals! Ah well bag packed ready for 9am start!


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