Second adventure this time to Iceland

Day 1
Volunteering project this time is environmental one, starts in 2 days so have some free time first. Gatwick is a pain to get to as traffic bad and no easy train route from Essex. So book the gatwick flyer from parents, £63 return not bad! Mini bus turned up early, that’s unexpected but better than being late! Am I first I say? You’re the only passenger! Oh, can’t make much money hey! Easy journey with no traffic so at terminal nice and early. Starting to feel like that tom hanks character in the terminal I’m at one so often! I’m flying with WOW airline! Ever heard of them? No me neither but cheap so I’ll let you know! I get a lovely huge purple name tag for my luggage with WOW on it just so everyone can see who I’m with! Window seat though so may see northern lights? And my baggage was 2kg too heavy, (that’ll be the Christmas pudding and tin of biscuits I’ve packed for international night!) and no excess charge, better than BA!
No wifi at gatwick, shocking!! Realise my headphones are broken, damn you! £10 later from dixons!! I have 4 hours to kill, pret a manger, whsmiths, reading, then eventually head off to gate. Now I’ve dressed sensibly as assuming its icy there. Hoodie, ski coat and boots! No trainers just walking boots, timberlands, slippers and flip flops for pool! As I see other passengers most are less sensibly attired! Am I wrong or will they be cold? I have spotted a trekking looking couple though so at least I’m not as geeky as that, phew!
The plane is purple! It really is an Icelandic easy jet! No leg room, no free refreshments but as it’s only for 3 hours. Good flight, clear skies for half of it. Panic half way when they start talking about how to get from airport to Reyjakvik, omg thought I was landing in town, is there two airports? did I book coach transfer wrong? Can’t check e mails! Aaahhhh. Calm down and realise if I have I’ll just go to the info desk and change!
As we leave plane the staff are on ceremony, now the little purple sailor hats look ok pinned onto the women’s heads but when the captain pops out and wears one he just looks like he’s at a gay bar!
Everything’s closed at airport as it’s nearly midnight, although duty free open so decide to buy a bottle of alcohol for New Year’s Eve. Issue is I don’t like anything! Wine to expensive, no cider there! And no pimms. Settle on Bacardi, safe option. People seem to be in sensible footwear now, not sure how that’s changed? One group of girls were laughing at one of their friends as they decided she had the most inappropriate footwear in the customs line! Boots with a kitten heel.
Head out to coaches and I did it all correctly, thankfully! And there’s snow, well ice but looks pretty after muddy England!
Journey is 45 min, the Icelandic decorate their houses with very understated and pretty Christmas lights, on balconies and windows. Much prettier than chavy England! We drop some people at the hilton and grand hotel? Miles from town and just like staying in an English hotel? Each to their own though!
Those of us not staying in the posh hotels get dropped in downtown and split into minibuses. I notice a Chinese girl with a bloody face mask. Isn’t Iceland one of the least likely to be polluted countries?? So weird! And now I’m pleased with my footwear. Ice everywhere! That kitten girl will go arse over!
My illusion of wonderful Iceland is smashed already. Graffiti on walls in town. Not what I imagined?
The drivers don’t care about the ice here, just get on with it. That’s what we should do!
I am dropped at the end of the road for my guesthouse, have to trek down the icy road to get there but manage without an embarrassing fall. The host is up and welcomes me in. Then he hits me with the fact he’s overbooked and I have to go somewhere else that he has booked. It’s bloody 1am!! Not happy, and he doesn’t help me with my case back out the house back up the icy road and a 5 min walk to his friends hostel! Just smokes his filthy fag and chats a bit. Gggrrrrr!
He redeems himself when I get there as it’s 3 flights of stairs, and carries my case. Nice place but in the only one so not going to meet people which was my idea when booking! At least it’s a bed and a nice view of the cathedral. And no need to pull blind down as no sun until midday. I’m here, in Iceland. Bucket list tick!!! Yay 🙂


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