More Peruvian sharks on the prowl

Back from the jungle and pleased to have a shower. Feel clean at last! And no more deet!! Could easily go to bed but it’s polish nutter and Craig David’s last night so we have to go out to celebrate.
We started at the tourist pub in town and had a cocktail. Craig David’s was the weirdest looking drink, like a rainbow. Bottom nice but top foul it seems. So them we went to the live music venue as polish nutter loves it, and the guitarist in particular! Posh Essex girl and I are knackered but just drink soft drinks to stay awake. Fun evening, salsa dancing towards the end. I have a sit down and watch. The guitarist spots me and tries to get me to dance. When I explain I’ve just returned from jungle he says oh please sit down! Bless him! Posh Essex girl not confident in dancing to start, bit stiff and looks self conscious. However Drummer takes a shine to posh Essex girl and invites us to a club.
Off we trot with most of the pub at 1am. No idea where to. Ends up being a local club with Spanish music. I have a cocktail to loosen me up so I’ll dance! Craig David buying whiskey drinks, yuck. I leave them to it. Nice to be in locals club rather than touristy! There’s a Peruvian man so drunk he’s puking on the spot where he’s leaning against the wall. A gay couple are there where one girl is snogging a bloke and her girlfriend is obviously upset! Feels like a tv drama. We befriend a Spanish very effeminate guy who keeps dancing with me. The Peruvian sharks are at it again. The straight/gay girl got caught early and was canoodling all evening. The other gay girl struts around the dance floor, pretty drunk it seems, and a shark heads in. He goes for a snog within a few minutes of dancing but she gets away!! He stares at her for ages trying to grasp what he did wrong??!! Even tries again later. Poor desperate shark! I pull a local but give polish nutter the ‘save me’ look so the group dance me away from him. At the bar there’s an odd looking local, I avoid eye contact but can see his longing glare out the corner of my eye. We all dance with each other which is fun but do not English!. Polish nutter and an ex orphanage worker dance quite suggestively but that’s just the Latin American way. I then pull gay girl, she’s bumping bums and dancing behind me! Check me out! Posh Essex girl loving it now, dancing loads with drummer.
Ex orphanage worker has a friend join us who sees I’m not with anyone so heads in! Bit of gyrating and I decide he wants more than a dance so politely refuse! He doesn’t understand! Bloody men! He even begs for more suggestive dancing, desperate or am I just that great! Lol
It’s 4.30 and we decide its time for sleep! Had a great night and sober! Only Went out to say goodbye and stayed up until dawn!!
We get back to flat and girls are up getting breakfast. They see us come in and I feel shit! Not a good example. We will be up for helping them at 10am though!
Polish nutter and ex orphanage worker don’t go to bed they head off to sexy woman (it’s an inca site) to see the sun rise! If only I didn’t want my bed so much! What a fun night though!!

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