It’s party time, Cuzco style!

Saturday was a planned birthday party for two of the boy orphans who’s birthdays fell either side. We volunteers had decided to buy birthday cakes from a local shop for each birthday boy and chipped in for present. Grandad took charge of ideas knowing them best, and had a strict budget even though some expensive ideas!! We looked at skateboards!! No chance but settled on a Brazil shirt for one and radio for other. I also had given a German footy shirt (an ex gave it to me, way too big for me and I don’t follow German football so he missed the goalpost there), to one boy from home and had a Chelsea annual for the other. Hope they liked them? Thought that counts?!?
We found a fab new market when present shopping. Must visit again. May buy a fake Man U shirt! Looked for a Tottenham one to send to my Oz friends but they clearly haven’t made it this far across the pond!!
Back to boys orphanage to wait for party. Chilled with the kids first playing volleyball, well trying too on some counts. West ham girl tried and failed miserably bless her. It was funny though. The kids were laughing. Duracell bunny is very good at Le volley! grandad not bad either. Most of us have a go at some point although not lazy posh girl as she’ll openly admit sports not for her, or new boy Spanish speaker as he’s poorly from altitude sickness.
We’d blown up balloons for party and bought candles too but waited till later to set up.
Party has to wait as they begin with religious singing and then sermon. Singing hymns in Spanish was good fun and informative. Sermon however went off on the biggest tangent ever. Started about baptism and talked far too much about new family’s and mothers and fathers. About 40 mins long. Patricia (one of the orphans) was sound asleep and even the volunteers had switched off! We thought the godparents from the baptisms were being announced but think the priest got side tracked?Eventually on to party starting with singing happy birthday to the 2 boys and them blowing out the candles. They were so appreciative of the presents. One had tears in his eyes. A birthday bag of fun bits from the orphanage and our gift is all they got but were so very grateful. It’s so nice to see, we’re all so greedy in the UK. Me included! Anyway then the music came on and I was in my element. Macarena which loads of us knew. Then to my joy whigfield Saturday night!!! I love that song. Mum and I used to do it on holiday. Half the volunteers are way to young to know it so I taught everyone and got a round of applause, such fun!! Then one of the orphans taught us all the thriller dance.
The balloons kept youngsters happy all night. The youngest Surema ran around with about 20 balloons tied together. She’s only 5 so was dwarfed by the balloons! Everyone danced at some point. Really fun, very sweaty but who cares??!!
Volunteers all went out after for pizza which was nice. 13 of us. Only Swiss girl stayed back. She’s not the sociable kind but lovely. The weirdest programme was on tv!
It translated to the fuck sisters? Les hermanas caraju? Followed by people eating weird stuff to make them sick? Just what you want when eating!
Tight squeeze on table so we had to use the ‘T Rex’ cut! Never heard that saying but love it. Thanks to American chewer!
Most of us headed to live music bar after. Lazy posh girl doesn’t like it so went home, taking west ham girl and model boy with her. They have been on the lash for 4 nights to be fair, but she didn’t like our choice of venue so kind of stropped a bit. Model boy looked like death to be fair to him. Partying too hard!
I manage to walk in the biggest pile of dog shit on way, how delightful! But on the plus got wolf whistled at twice! Clearly more attractive in Peru? Or maybe the men are more desperate? Either way I’ll take some male attention! Live music was not my cup of tea when we got there, added to smokey atmosphere, but crazy polish girl loves it so she headed straight to watch. Too smoky for me so headed upstairs, less crowded and cooler. Music got better after a while and so I went down to watch. Lead guitarist is tribal dude with tattoo on forehead! Drummer looked like a monkey when drumming, all very weird. Lasted until 1am. Said goodby to Greek girls as they are off before we return so won’t see them again! Shame as like them!
Practiced my Spanish in cab again and it worked, yay!!
Amazon tomorrow!!!






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