The crazy world of transport in Cuzco!

Crazy taxi game


So in cusco there are 3 modes of transport. Taxi, bus or walk. Seems simple but let me fill you in. So the driving out here is absolute madness. Not quite as mad as the ‘arch de triumph’ but at times does mimic it! 2 lanes means at least 3 cars can drive along side by side. There is a fast lane rule but if you feel like it overtake, undertake, play crazy taxis like the video game, just a honk of the horn to check the other cars know and all is well. Seat belts? What are they? Drivers occasionally put them on but none to be seen in the back seats. Pretty sure the cars haven’t had anything like an MOT check in years so the fumes are pretty bad. Stray dogs roam the streets and the roads, casually walking across busy roads. Again a honk of the horn is the answer to make them move. I fortunately haven’t seen any get hit but others have!!
So taxis?? 4 or 5 soles which equates to less than a pound into town. Easy to hitch a ride as they honk their horn at anyone walking in case you may want a taxi! The cars are usually the size of a fiat, daewoo ticos and Suzuki altos mainly. If you’re lucky you’ll get in the posh cab that is a vauxhall corsa! These taxis will also happily take 5 or 6 people if you ask, cosy! They speak no English so you must know enough Spanish to get to your destination, you may fear for you life on the drive though but pretty good for groups. Single travellers not so much. I did get a taxi on my own at night and it was absolutely fine, but did worry that the driver could take me anywhere he wanted and I’ve have no idea!!
So the buses! We call them the crazy bus. Locals use them as less then 20p to go anywhere! Around town. However they are usually mini buses meant to seat 12-14. In my 3 journeys I’ve seen no less than 23 on them and upto 33! Very cosy. Grab a seat if you can but you may get a crotch in your face! You generally have to stand for some of your journey and if you are more than 5ft 7 standing is not comfy as you end up hunched over. Great fun for me at 5 ft 10! Getting on and off is a race. Door opens whilst moving, ‘conductor’ jumps off whilst moving and then it’s a race to get on or off. It really is crazy but once you’ve done it once the thrill is quite amusing! No need to speak Spanish just shout si when it’s your stop and give you fare over!
Finally walking. Good fitness as it’s such high altitude. We live 40 minutes from e town centre. The rules are, ignore the honking taxis constantly trying to get your business. Peruvians don’t look where they are walking or apologise if they bump into you! Pedestrian crossings look simple, green or red man and a clock counting down. No!!! Green means walk but cars can turn left on a green pedestrian light and will knock you over! So green isn’t always go!! Mind out of dog crap. The dogs are fairly well self trained and poo in the grass but occasionally there’s a ‘badly trained one’!!
So is it the ‘crazy taxi’, ‘crazy bus’ or long walk watching out for random Peruvians and left turning cars!! Love it!!




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