Lonely life of an ill traveller!

Girls dinnerJust a few pills


Damn it I wake up with the most painful headache, possible migraine! Try to get up and do normal tasks but after 20 mins with kids have to resign myself to bed and no Amazon trip today either! Spend most of the day sleeping. Very lonely being ill on your travels. No flat mates as apparently my flat is the worst so anyone who gets put here moves downstairs. Something I did?? It’s clearly not personal but sometimes feels it! So although bless my bestie here Posh Essex girl who checks I’m ok when possible, they are all off doing their thing, don’t need to be checking up on me 24/7. Got quite sad today, wishing I was home. Can you imagine how depressed I’d be if I’d had to stay in hospital??!! Who on earth would visit me??? And the voice peru wasn’t that interesting!! Thankfully at least I have all my creature comforts at the flat, checked Facebook far too often just for some interaction with people. Whole day wasted due to sleeping and hate that. Must remember though that although I’m on my own in the flat, if I leave the bathroom door open the flat across the way can see in! Oops! One positive of being so washed out is that I’m too ill to scratch the zillion bloody gnat bites I have, looks like I’ve got the pox! Found out we’d lost our payment for the bus to the Amazon. Posh Essex girl too and it’s not her fault. That’s £50 I’ll have to pay out for us both. Hoping insurance will cover it.
Wake up Wednesday still a bit down as dreamt I’d missed my trips! No headache just trapped wind and stomach cramps all the time. Managed to stay awake all day, progress! Have got the itches though and keep scratching gnat bites. Poor Posh Essex girls ankles have swollen up from all the bites. She has what we call cankles now instead of ankles!!! She is in fact glad we are not trekking through the jungle as her ankles hurt so much, so every cloud hey!!
An old volunteer returned from her 2 weeks in Columbia, Polish nutter. I’d been warned she’s a nutter and not everyone’s cup of tea. I shall await judgement. Decided to make soup for lunch to give me nutrients etc. very intimidating here as so many of the volunteers can cook very well and for large numbers. I only have myself to cook for so can cook nice stuff but not confident at all. Even the soup in front of the others makes me feel crap! Full day of activities at boys and girls and have got my teeth into an idea at boys. They have a disused games room that needs TLC etc. I’ve offered to paint murals on walls to brighten up. Remembered that grandad is a fab cartoon drawer so he’ll outline quite a bit too. Offered to pay for new door and paint as orphanage can’t afford it. After an hour sorting that out suddenly feel awful again so back to girls so I can chill. London dude (aka Craig David) is cooking for the girls tonight, two courses lovely, then chocolate mousse went wrong. Fab effort though. However, typical bloody man and used every pot in the kitchen so washing up was an effort! He is one of those who’s done everything before mind. Constantly saying, oh we did this, and it was like this in our day. He was here 3 years ago for a year, and has returned to say hello. Does grate on you in every sentence though.
Nice chilled evening, Craig David invited some old volunteers over. Both very nice however one chewed so bloody loud and with her mouth open, gross!! Fab chat with Polish nutter. She’s mad as a box of frogs with such expressions and gestures but I think she’s fab. She also couldn’t believe the loudness of the chewing!! She’s quite like me, says it how it is!! Posh Essex girl, Polish Nutter and myself were all discussing our penchant for getting stamps in our passports, glad it’s not just me!! We were comparing notes!
Feel less lonely now having spent the day with others, and we’ve decided to go to the Amazon Sunday when I’m ok and Posh Essex girl has ankles not cankles again!!!
After some fun activities Thursday, Craig David was cooking for the boys so a Polish nutter and I headed over to socialise. I forget that the volunteers over there pretty much go out every night so ended up heading into town after dinner, coke for me as on antibiotics. After an hour I’m knackered so have to venture home on my own. A couple offer to come back but I decline. However when I try to order a cab they can’t understand me. So depressing, had to get Polish nutter from pub to speak for me then head home alone. So tired and miserable again start crying in cab. Not good. Had no confidence in my Spanish by then to direct down a couple of roads so walked last 5 mins too. One of those lonely times again!


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