Camping with the Orphans and blood sucking Mosquitos!

Loading the coachSetting up tentsBoys getting ready for lunchAnkel one of my favouritesBeautifulBlood sucking Mosquitos!

Friday not much happened but we got the news that the weekend was the camping trip. I can’t wait. What an experience to spend time with the orphans on a rare trip. Madness straight away as the kids are throwing mattresses out windows, not for fun but to take as bedding. These are then attached to roof of bus. No worries for health and safety with 3 to a seat and people in aisle to fit us all on! Long journey through the Andes. Beautiful. Essex akon fell asleep (real snuggled in) on an orphans shoulder bless him, everyone took pics and laughed! Toilet stop on the way consists of a bush, kids don’t care off they go! When we arrived at camp site although we were warned about how bad Mosquitos were I got bitten within 5 mins and I’d bloody sprayed deet repellent before we left! Kids get tents set up in no time, 2 man tents but 4 to fit in with their mattresses and blankets! Cosy! Food served pretty quick, huge portions feel quite sick!! Model boy (not been mentioned before as was off trekking, 6ft 4 skinny as a rake, and started modelling recently) helped others out with their eggs as others more picky, and ate 3. Promptly felt sick and slept for rest of afternoon! Not enough tents for us volunteers, slightly gutted as love camping. In a 4 bedroom chalet instead but toilets as minging as camp ones normally are! Outdoor and naturally heated swimming pools. Amazing setting. Swimming until dusk was so fun. Beautiful scenery, kids just playing. Jumping, diving, running around the pool (we all try and stop our Britishness of health and safety at these points). We help some learn to swim, others just want carrying around. Play a bit of chicas versus chicos catch, great fun although cuts your feet a bit on stoned floor. I got to try out my new camera that’s waterproof. Kids love it, a couple play for ages with it! Fab experience. The view is just awesome. Next day was interesting for all the wrong reasons. Projectile vomiting by me in bedroom and toilet (just as well it was manky already)! In bed all day, then turned into diarrhoea too. Had to interrupt Sunday worship outside my room to rush to loo! So embarrassing. Felt awful, in tears, no one to help and just needed a hug, although all volunteers very helpful with drinks. The others had a fab day singing songs, swimming, walking through mountains! Oh yes and getting sunburnt and bitten! You don’t realise how powerful the sun is in the mountains. Having put up my mosquito net on night one it’s not great for ill people who need a quick get out so didn’t bother during sick day. And had a spider join me in it, called him Sid to make him less scary! Real issue apart from feeling absolute crap is posh Essex girl and I have amazon trip booked for 2 days time, not good! Can’t be ill when trekking! I felt half human by dinner and joined in evening activities of watching the most amazing storm all around us. We all just stood out in it! Due to the flash floods from storm the camp fire planned was cancelled, was looking forward to toasted marshmallows!! I’m such a big kid. One of the tents leaked so the male volunteers room homed 4 boys for the evening, 2 in a bed and 2 on a mattress on the floor. They are so happy just to be away bless them. Feel better in morning but orphanage boss has said I must see doctor when we return! These bugs can continue for days and weeks! Final day very special as included some baptisms. The orphanage have a link to a Swiss priest who is currently visiting. Very honoured to see the baptisms and be asked to be a god parent. Not sure which child yet but will really enjoy it. We are just expected to keep in contact. So orphans can say ‘that’s my godparent, they were there when I got baptised!’ But also another reason to come back!! 6 of the children were baptised. We learnt lots of stories about the orphanage during the priests visit. Kids who were abused, that were alcoholics themselves, thieves as street children. Very sad but now happy as they have a new family! Grandad was grumpy all day, moaning about his itchy bites. We are all covered in bites, some more than others but the kids far worse than us and they just get one with it. Note to us all, just enjoy life!! An amazing weekend for the kids, they looked so happy. We found out that they get to go maybe twice a year although this year only once as the people who run the orphanages can’t afford it! £400 for the weekend for them all!!! Volunteers are going to donate some cash towards it. Had some good chats with volunteers whilst away and met the new girl who came by taxi after arriving earlier today. New girl works at west ham and seems bubbly, named for the blog purposes west ham now! Decided granddad is a but if a story teller and we all just believe it! For instance said that the stray dogs get culled every so often and when locals hear its due they put collars on their favourites! It turns out the collars are for strays that have been checked and castrated etc. he then tells us a storm is coming on way home. We all believe him including me, how does he know? No storm near us on way home, clear skies!! Essex akon says he’s not from Essex. Romford is london!!! I can’t bring myself to change his name though! Marine wife is off travelling more in South America tomorrow. Will miss her. Thankfully my illness must be over as coach journey home fine. Back to orphanages and all kids and staff help unload the coach, well apart from one! Can you guess who rushed straight into flat to get ready for a night out? Maybe I’m just an old boring (ill at moment) git!! Definitely two sets of volunteers, the young party animals and the older want to help the less fortunate crowd. Both have things to offer the experience here though! Another new volunteer back at flats upon our return, he’s been here a few years before so girls remember him. London dude! After 20 mins Doctor arrives at flats and examines me. When he asks the question ‘do you have travel insurance’ you know he’s going to try and rip you off!! Sends me to hospital (not surprising!!) says it won’t take long but need tests before he can give me drugs?? Nice room I’m given, with a tv and we watched some of The Voice Peru! Quite amusing. Nurse asks me to do a ‘poo poo and a. Pee lee’ feel like I’m a child! Lol. As expected they want me to stay, even try convincing me by saying the insurance will pay direct if you stay but not if you don’t!! I say no! Thankfully posh Essex girl offered to come with me for company. £100 later I have an intestine parasite and 4 lots off drugs!! But I can go to the amazon tomorrow if I feel ok. Fingers crossed!!


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