The shark pit known as the Peruvian nightlife!

Duracell bunny and Greek Meg Ryan Cow milk drink! One of the shark pits Essex Akin, me and Marine Wife

Thursday morning:

Having decided that going for a run is probably not that safe I bought a basketball for the kids and me!!! And went outside at 8am to do some fitness through basketball. Quite tiring in the altitude! Was very impressed with my shooting, looked quite professional!  Quite odd playing outside on your own surrounded by weird Peruvian men watching you and stray dogs, some of which were humping!
Had decided that I should try and learn Spanish and had my first Spanish lesson today. Think I’m going to take forever to learn the language but still every little helps! I was crap at French and German in school too!
Finally got my bin emptied today, the customary rule here is no toilet paper down toilet so the bin having not been emptied since I moved in is rather gross!!
Sad news: We heard today that two of our kids mum has been murdered Last night. She’s an alcoholic hence why they are here, but she was badly attacked, thrown in a river and drowned. Poor kids hey!! They even had the funeral today which seems weird but that’s apparently how quick things get done here. Kids seemed ok upon return to orphanage but it’s just so sad!
Tonight saw our first night out in Peru, not sure if it would be ‘going out’ or ‘going out out!’. We started in a lounge like bar off an alley near town centre. Nice and quiet and comfy. Had been recommended the Mulled wine so followed advice and it was lush although so warm in the pub that I had to take my shoes off!! Ah well the pub is called the cow and sofa or something similar! All the volunteers were out so we could get to know everyone properly. And after so many stories discussed throughout the evening I had to become more inventive with blog nicknames!
Essex boy ordered a milky drink, so we all took the piss out of him needing his milk before bed! It looked pretty gross but he seemed to like it, called cow and chocolate or something? Weird Peruvian names. Lazy posh girl has in fact been really ill so my name was rather harsh, so until i have further mad stories from her it has to be ill posh girl. We had two new volunteers out with us from Greece. They are mad as hatters and so funny. One looks like Meg Ryan ( well to me on a night out anyway!) so she’s now known as Greek Meg Ryan . The other is just mad as a box of frogs with so much energy. Like the Duracell bunnies, she just keeps chattering on until the battery dies out, then she just dies! So Duracell bunny it is!! Fun night with everyone having a laugh. I decided to try the local drink a Peru pissy, nope sorry it’s called a pisco sour! Tasted pissy though and had to pass over to someone else instead of drinking it. After a good few drinks we were ready to go ‘out out’. Greek Meg Ryan and Duracell bunny were knackered so headed home first. Grandad of the group (he’s only 3 years older than me but has some grey hair and has been here long enough to know the answers to most things, so kind of a wise man), has been ill with bronchitis so also headed home before hitting the Peruvian clubs! That left 5 of us. Essex boy lead the way through the melee of drinks touts trying to get us into their club with a free drink. These touts love him so much. Clearly don’t see many black people. They call him Akon and 50 cent, so after a night of various Peruvians calling him that throughout the evening I think it only apt to add it to the name!! So essex Akon got us free drinks in a club, rum and coke I believe which I’m no fan of but hey it’s free and I’m on holiday so why not!! He tried to get us free cake in the first club too but to no avail, maybe just as well as who knows what’s in it out here! We tried 2 clubs before settling on the dance floor. Like going clubbing in the 90’s with retro music, loved it. Now heres the thing about Peruvian nightclubs. It’s like being in a pool with sharks. The sharks are swimming on the outside and the bate are circled together in a circle. The nearer to the edge you are the more danger you are in! The Peruvian men stand on the outside of the dance floor ogling all the women dancing and make their move towards them. If you can stay in the middle with more room you stand more chance of survival! We had our fair share of chancers! They just suddenly bump against your bum then turn and try and dance with you! Madness but hilarious to watch. Most Peruvians are shorter than me so I get a good view. We had one particular Peruvian shark who started with me, then went around the group but with a particular interest in nurse volunteer. She plays along a bit so gives the sharks some bait. So the evening continued in shark fashion, however nurse volunteer got caught by a lovely Peruvian but American forces marine, and off she went to exchange various things including numbers!! Lol. From that conquest we now call her marine wife! He was very sad when we had to get her so we could go home! Before you think we are harsh for splitting the happy couple, Marine wife was happy to leave with us as he was a toy boy and just a cheeky snog!! Good on her though! 2.30am, it’s not often I stay out that late, merrily drunk on my wine and rum but having had a fun night with the gang and the sharks of cusco. When we got back to the flats I felt the need to let all my UK buddies know that although they were on their way to work I was in fact off to bed after a night out! Will definitely experience the Peruvian nightlife again soon!!


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