Getting to know essex boy and nurse volunteer

Girls in the park imageSlept until 8am, what a result!! And as I have a kettle now I was able to get up, make a cuppa and finish my book. Nice and chilled. Went to have breakfast and realised I have no bowl for my cereal though, oops, so headed down to posh Essex girl to use hers and steal it. Planned our morning activities with the girls. Headed down and knocked for posh lazy girl, no answer. Can’t possibly still be in bed? Messaged her and carried on. Girls loved doing cross stitch, although I did have to do a fair bit, loves. Bit of cross stitch though. Am I old or sad??? Mmmhhhh. However poor Patricia (down syndrome girl) struggled with the cross so we did just diagonal stitch, they stitched their names. Only 2 needles so couldn’t have all 4 stitching so other 2 made scooby bracelets and then necklaces with the help of other volunteers, essex boy and nurse volunteer. Essex boy was rather good at bracelet making it must be said! Lazy posh girl turned up having been to town, what a turn up!! Seeing as it was her beads we were using and she wanted to be there to help the girls we thought is was her chance, but alas no, she then just sat and looked bored. Tried to make one herself and got bored so moved onto scooby and yes got bored! Essex boy went to get some tissue from the toilet and Patricia’s face was a picture. She tutted, went in, flushed the toilet, wafted the door a few times then sat down shaking her head. It was so funny, she clearly understands men already even though he didn’t go to the toilet!!! We then took girls outside and played some basketball and volleyball. Sandra is so good at volleyball, better than any girl I have taught in years back in the UK. Gave my legs a good work out though with all the squatting actions for shots.
We then headed to town for lunch etc and squished 5 in a taxi! Cosy!!! Love the markets here, so colourful and busy. Essex boy is black and the stares he gets from Peruvians not used to seeing such black skin is very weird, he laughs it off though, a lovely down to earth lad. Looked at some jumpers for presents and for myself just to get an idea of costs. Nurse volunteer is a mean haggler so she was teaching me.
The afternoon was spent in the boys helping them with English numbers. Posh Essex girl came up with some fab games for adding and colouring, boys having a great time. Lazy posh girl was there in body but just sat useless as usual. Happily working with the boys when some Americans turned up and caused havoc playing chase, catch and generally screaming in the courtyard area. Distracted everyone so what should I do??? Oh yes I went to join in!! It was sports after all! I was supposed to have my first Spanish lesson tonight so had a few hours spare at the boys side whilst waiting. We were playing with one of the staffs children and she was playing catch with essex boy. She is about knee height, so pretty small. She has some fitness, constant running for about 20 minutes. Puts the British kids fitness to shame. She then ran up to Essex boy, held his hand and proceeded to kick him in the shin. It was so funny, nurse volunteer and myself were wetting ourselves. Had a good chat with nurse volunteer and essex boy whilst waiting, discussed lazy posh girl and she finds her even more annoying. Glad I’m not the only one bitching. Lazy posh girl has asked her mum if she can stay longer here again, and her mum said maybe. I feel like calling her mum up and saying she sits on her arse doing nothing!! What a waste of your money! Ggggrrrrrr
The Essex boy I found out went to school down the road to my old work place, and some of his best mates wee in my form. Small world.
Went down for my Spanish lesson to be told it couldn’t happen as teacher was busy. All a bit weird to be honest. So had to get a cab back on my own. Luckily the organiser hailed the cab for me and directed them, bloody pleased as one it’s in a dark alley that you wait for a cab in a dodgy area and two I have no idea where I am going!!
Journey back was fine, although I do hate seeing so many dogs on the street. They turn into pack animals and at night all get together to hunt food, bark the place down. I want to re home them all! At least they are fairly road friendly as when a car beeps they trot out the way! My dog would just continue in its path!!
Back to flat to chill. Decided to try and move furniture to make it look more homely. Will I get a hot shower??? Give it a go and seems cold again so just have to grin and bare it, however just in time it gets hot and yes I have a hot shower for the first time!!
Luckily I’d been out the shower for 5 mins when the owner walks in!!! I was fully dressed. He has brought a new gas hob for me as old one broken and he promised. Very kind. I can now cook again! He also tells me I have a different Spanish teacher and will have a lesson at either 9 or 11am! Very precise!!! Lol


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