First few days and lazy volunteers!!!

Designing posters Boys learning english Mask making

i woke constantly through night with dry mouth and headache. Finally take painkillers at 4am but cant get back to sleep. Gets light at 5am as we are by the equator.
There’s a bloody Cockerel outside, lovely alarm clock woke me up, along with the street dogs howling, thirsty all night which is why I kept waking, must be the altitude.
My flat is very low on resources, No kettle so I can’t make even a cup of tea as the gas has run out for the stove too, so down to flat 2 for cuppa, and Essex girl made me porridge lovely start to the day. We have a lot in common so think we’ll get on fine.
Headed off to the shops to get some food for flat. Lucky I had my essex buddy to speak for me!! Any Spanish I learnt I forget in blind panic when stood in front of scary Peruvian women!! We then went back to flats and Planned morning activities with the girls, all volunteers came down although Essex girl and I led the activities. More volunteers than girls!
We designed a poster of themselves, although as we were trying to explain I used my google translate but when I spoke it they had no idea what I said. Oops! So just showed them my translation instead! Luckily the volunteer who speaks fluent Spanish popped by and helped!! We then moved on to my picture bingo which they loved, had to translate the words though, so can now name a load of animals in Spanish….mono is monkey! However 2 hours solidly with the girls and the sun bearing through the glass roof made me knackered! Gave the girls a break whilst we had a cuppa then over the road to play in park. The girls are such acrobats on the climbing frames, swinging like monkeys. Then tried some football, typical girls footy kick and miss or kick and hit in wrong direction. They had fun though. Did some skipping too which I looked fab at!!
As we had bought food I could have Lunch, nice fresh fruit from the market.
After all that work I was tired, (blame the jet lag!!) so Needed a sleep. We then had plans to head to the boys orphanage. Rough area in comparison. Boys were playing with bottle tops. So inventive and so happy!! They could teach the British kids a thing or two!
I Helped teach English which is hard when my Spanish is so crap, but Essex girl as a primary teacher knows the phonics etc. I noticed how small the boys were, the basketball kit will swamp them!! Lovely boys though, wrapped in scarves! They loved bingo too, although the football noughts and crosses not so good. Not as knowledgeable on football players in the premiership as I thought. We Stayed for volunteer dinner and met new volunteers which was fun, nice mix. A new pair turned up from Greece, one chatty and one not so. Think the girls are a couple but can’t tell from what they’ve said yet. Went to a bar for one drink but if I’d stayed for more I’d get stuck with 3am nutters as can’t get a cab on my own as dangerous, and no cash on me and still jet lagged!
Slept through to 5 am. Result!! Got a drink then back to sleep
Headed off to town to book tours. Long walk, 45 mins but good fun. Booked inca which didn’t expect!! I was told it would be fully booked for months. Amazon as well and got info on lake titikaka so looking into that.
Stopped at quaint Peruvian tea shop, lovely lemonade! Bought the weirdest green plastic kettle! But can have a cuppa in the morning. Yay
Rain clouds came over and we got caught in thunderstorm. Just made it to market before downpour. Tested Spanish getting chicken for tea. Got back to orphanage and the other volunteers hadnt been to see the girls or do anything with them. Just vegged out in rooms with their hangovers. Makes me so mad, this isn’t a party holiday it’s to help needy kids! The posh girl is the most annoying. When discussing what to do in the afternoon she said don’t do the bead bracelets without me!! Do it yourself then lazy cow!!
Fab afternoon doing bird masks with girls. Just Essex girl and me. Girls loved it, even the older girls joined in. Left them with bliss magazine and some others. They loved them. Knee who one direction and little mix were!!
They are so polite, the free gifts with the mag they gave to house mistress!
Back to shops as all volunteers coming over so need more chicken. I got a basketball as well yay!! Something to keep me occupied! The hungover girls reappeared. Lazy posh girl says she’s ill! Been in bed. What a waste if a day here in Peru!
I tried to get the shower to go hot by leaving in for 20 mins. No luck but needed to wash hair. Had hot water for a whole 30 seconds!! Hair feels all knotty not sure why!!
Volunteer dinner again, all but one who’s sick came. Had a good chat although Greek couple so tired from flight still they want early taking all the boys volunteers. Leaving us with hungover girls! Lazy one admitted to being lazy and asked we knock for her every time we go an activity or she don’t go!!
Just realised why my hairs knotty, I brought 2 bloody shampoos and no conditioner!! It’s well washed at least. Damn it. Trip to shops needed!!


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