Arriving in Peru

Mr ChowJourney to Madrid good, spare seat next to me, slept most of it. Realised I’d forgotten my sunglasses! Bummer, and it’s summer out there. Chatted to some real Cockneys on the bus who were off to Peru too. No boarding pass for other flights so we just had to guess when there how to get it!
There was a Chubby mr chow on the bus too. Made me chuckle. Had to take the obligatory photo.
On second flight and the disappointment when you realise your seat F is not window but in fact middle of middle! Surrounded by Germans! Never mind. Can’t understand the man over the tanoid in Spanish or English speaking so damn fast!! Maybe I’m just tired?
Watched a movie, now you see me, just released, had my food, slept as much as you can upright in a chair, but then when I went to go to the toilet I didnt bother with shoes so I walked happily along and bang walked in a blooming wet patch, someone’s spilt their drink so wet sock alert! Next movie was hilarious with Sandra bullock, Germans looked at me funny as I was Laughing out loud at movie!
German girl next to me can’t have travelled much as she was taking photos of tv screen, visa, aisles etc. bless.
Decided whatever Spanish I learnt is useless I Don’t understand any Spanish!! But muddle through. At airport I thought I had a lot of luggage! One woman had 3 cases and a box! Out of arrivals into departures a tad scary. Signs for people everywhere. Trolley moves sideways! Found a phone shop though who hired me a phone for $22, free incoming calls. Parents will be pleased. Nearly went for a McDonald’s to be very British but no local currency only US dollars so decided not to. Headed for departure gate and waited for final flight. No English around me, but a delightful Peruvian picking his nose for a good 5 minutes…gross!
Slept again, so tired! Even got a snack on the internal flight. Don’t get that in the UK. Finally in Cuzco. Found a luggage trolley again, bonus, then headed to the dreaded name list gauntlet outside. No I don’t want a taxi, stop asking me. No sign for me so call the company, hoping that it’s not a scam! Eek, it’s ok He’s 5 minutes away! Phew
Nice man who picks me up, Jeremy, gives me a quick tour. Staying at the girls orphanage. They help me with my cases bless. No other volunteers about so I unpack. House lady offers me lunch, rude not to so join the girls. They are reading from bible, can’t understand a word but all very polite. Down’s syndrome girl next to me smiling. Ages range from 8-15 I would say, all can read and speak Spanish though, some English too. They give a let kitten, I ask name, he’s called gato! Back up to too. And meet a volunteer. Says it’s laid back, join in if you want.
After a sleep and a cold shower, which at least woke me up, I head to shops. Spotted 3 white girls, must be volunteers so stop and ask. One comes to shops with me. A fellow teacher who has quit and may never re join the profession. And plays hockey. We’ll get on! She says she wants more structure to helping kids, I say I’ll join her. The other 3 are here more for the culture than to help make a difference. Anna is here for 6 months, good effort I say! I pop down to orphans and give so e of my gifts out. Soft toys are the best it seems, no one wanted socks? Never mind. Back to floor 1 which has best facilities, I’m floor 3, We share resources, one of the others who’s off in 2 days gets out stuff she’s bought. Why hasn’t she used it yet?? Lazy or shy? Nice bunch of volunteers, 19- well my age so far. One cooks us dinner which is fab, and we have wifi! Never expected that.
I retire early as knackered, although with dogs barking, cockerels out side may be hard!!
Feel content though now I’ve settled in.
Airport security

My abode

View from the plane


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