52kg across the capital

So after losing the hockey match in the pouring rain, it was time to get ready for the journey. Thanks to @Sally Dalton who picked me up from home, dropped me at the station and bought a going away cake!! Thanks!!! And it was her birthday as well. The cases are so bloody heavy and fairlop station has no lofts!! Back ache stage one. Fine all the way to holbourn but then I had stairs upwards. Thankfully after standing looking useless for a few minutes a very nice Asian man offered to take my case for me. I don’t think he realised how heavy it was so his 2 mates helped. I’m very trusting as although it’s bloody heavy they could of run off with it whilst I was struggling with my other bag. Anyway onto the platform and here the bloody Piccadilly line is closed so I can’t go straight to Heathrow. So it was time to get off at earls court, Luggage Jack jubilee and memore stairs to the platform and get a district line train to some random place I can’t remember but near Richmond. Bus replacement service. Oh well some nice helpers to take my bag up the stairs and then loaded onto bus. Bus nearly crashed, emergency stop! But otherwise quite fun and easy. After 3 different check ins I was informed I had to pay £105 excess baggage. Sneaky gits. I knew I had one charge for the extra bag but then you have to pay another charge for it being over their stated weight. Not happy, spoke to the manager saying its ridiculous and I couldn’t check in online to save money. Very polite man but wasn’t changing his mind so have the customer services to write to upon return. Random story, on way to the ladies and this man had his glasses hanging off one ear and then balanced against his chin. Clearly has eyes in his chin. What is that all about??
Anyway Pleased to be rid of luggage and get through customs to sit and chill. Now the adventure begins!!


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